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Visual Merchandising and Display

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1 Visual Merchandising and Display
Chapter 18 Unit 6

2 WHAT DO YOU THINK? Window Store fronts often celebrate a certain season. Which elements in the storefront or window display help us identify the season? Colors, lighting, graphics, props, etc

3 18.1 DISPLAY FEATURES Visual merchandising
Encompasses all the physical elements that merchandisers use to project an image to customers. Promotes interest in merchandise or services, encourages purchasing, and reinforces customer satisfaction.

4 DISPLAY Display Storefront
The visual and artistic aspects of presenting a product to a target group of customers. Storefront Encompasses a store’s sign or logo, marquee, banners, awnings, windows, and the exterior design, ambiance, and landscaping. Marquee – canopy that extends over the entrance

5 STORE LAYOUT Store Layout
Refers to ways that stores use floor space to facilitate and promote sales and serve customers. A typical store layout divides a store into four distinct spaces

6 STORE LAYOUT CONT. Selling space Storage Space
Used for interior displays, wall and floor merchandise, product demonstrations, sales transactions, and aisles for customer traffic flow. Storage Space Inventory or store rooms

7 STORE LAYOUT CONT. Personal Space Customer Space
Allocated to store employees for office space, lockers, lunch breaks, and restrooms Customer Space Is designed for the comfort and convenience of the customer and may include sandwich, soda, and coffee shops, in-store restaurants, seating, lounges, and recreation areas for children. Can you think of a place that has all of these things?

8 18.2 Artistic Design Display Design and Preparation
1. Select Merchandise for Display 2. Selecting the Display Feature 1 item, similar items, related products, cross-mix 3. Choosing a setting Realistic, semi realistic (leaves details to imagination), abstract (not reality)

9 DISPLAY DESIGN CONT. Focal Point 4. Manipulating Artistic Elements
Elements of display include line, color, shape, direction, texture, proportion, motion, and lighting. 5. Evaluation of Completed Displays Do displays enhance the stores image, and promote products? Focal Point Effective displays/designs should have a focal point An area in the display that attracts attention first

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