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Of Mice and Men Chapter Questions.

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1 Of Mice and Men Chapter Questions

2 Before Chapter One: Journal Focus
Explain the relationship that exists between George and Lennie based on Chapter 1 of the book. Use quotes to support your answer.

3 After Chapter 1 Bellwork: Brainstorm!
Based on what you read in Chapter 1 of OMAM, what is the relationship between George and Lennie? Brainstorm and come up with a TOPIC SENTENCE and QUOTATIONS that support your topic sentence.

4 Before Chapter Two: Journal Focus
Describe the atmosphere (mood) of the ranch and bunkhouse. Be sure to include characteristics of different characters that were formally or informally introduced to us in this chapter.

5 After Chapter 2: Bellwork
1. Based on what you read in Chapter One in Of Mice and Men, how would you describe their American Dream? Why is it important for their relationship? 2. Find examples of both dehumanization and foreshadowing in Chapter 2 of Of Mice and Men. There are plenty of examples from which to choose, so pick the best examples you can find (note the page number). 3. What is the mood at the end of chapter 2? List adjectives to describe it.

6 After Chapter Two Groups- Find quotes to describe the following: Candy
Crooks Candy’s Dog Curley The boss Curley’s wife Slim Evidence of foreshadowing

7 Before reading Chapter Three
TPS: If your dog was old like Candy’s dog, would you put it to sleep or would you keep it alive until it died on its own?

8 Before Reading Chapter Three: Journal Focus
George & Lennie’s background The fate of Candy’s dog George & Lennie’s dream There are some similarities between Candy and his dog and George and Lennie.

9 Chapter 3 Bellwork – middle of the chapter
1. What is the parallel between the girl in Weed and the puppy? 2. How does Lennie try to trick George in this chapter? 3. What is Candy’s internal conflict in this chapter? 4. Why did Steinbeck include the anecdote about the ranch hand named Whit and the letter to the editor of a magazine (46-47)?

10 End of OMAM Chapter 3 Discussion Qs:
Why is “The Dream” important to Lennie & George’s relationship? Why is Candy willing to chip in all his $? What does Candy regret not doing? Why? Explain what happens between Lennie and Curley. What is Slim’s role in ameliorating the situation? 1 quote + 1 question/connection/prediction

11 Before Chapter Four: Journal Focus
How is the theme of loneliness developed in this chapter? Think about the characters Lennie, Crooks, Candy, and Curley’s wife.

12 After Chapter 4 Why is Crooks deliberately cruel towards Lennie at the beginning of the chapter? How is each character dealing with loneliness? Crooks, Candy, Curley’s wife Which character do you feel is the most lonely? Why?

13 Chapter Five What are some parallels that you see in this chapter?
Why does George have to give up the idea of the dream farm once Lennie kills Curley’s wife? Was the farm ever a real possibility? Find the quote that most clearly signals the end of the dream. 

14 Chapter 5 Discussion Qs:
What is the quotation that, to you, most clearly identifies the end of “The Dream” in chapter 5? Is Candy’s anger really aimed at Curley’s wife? If not, at who or what is he angry? (95-96) What specific event would you identify as the climax of the novel? Find a quotation that highlights this moment. What are your predictions for the ending of OMAM? * Take a few minutes to respond in writing on your own. We will discuss these pivotal events in groups and as a class – make sure you have something to contribute to the discussion!

15 Chapter Six Why does the story begin and end in the same place? The natural world is often described as beautiful and peaceful in the book, though it’s tempered with all sorts of awful occurrences. What role does the natural world actually play in the novella?

16 Philosophical Chair Does George have the right to kill Lennie? Legally? Ethically? How does Steinbeck’s treatment of Lennie’s murder change the way the reader interprets the event? What does George’s action suggest about justice – within the play and in the world as a whole?

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