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Writing Well Structured Paragraphs

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1 Writing Well Structured Paragraphs

2 We practice 2 kinds of writing:
Formal: Has a thesis Follows a paragraph structure Uses formal, academic language Analysis literary elements and devices Creative: No common structure Based on imagination of author Uses literary elements and devices

3 The Body Paragraph: Follows TIED:
Topic Sentence: States main idea of paragraph. Introduce evidence: Give important background info like characters, setting plot or theme to help reader understand evidence. Evidence: either a specific quotation (when available) or a specific reference to the text. Discussion: Explains why your choice of evidence, out of all the possible choices, is the best to support your thesis. How do you prove your ideas are the strongest?

4 Grade a few sample essays:
These are real student samples from last year’s book club papers. As you read them, think about what the student did well. Also think about what is missing. Please grade them out of a 10 point scale using the following breakdown: 2 points: Strong Topic Sentence 2 points: Introduces evidence 2 points: Use of evidence, properly punctuated 2 points: Effectively discusses evidence 2 points: Grammatically correct and 7-9 sentences You have 10 minutes. You may work individually or in pairs:

5 Sample Essay #1 /10 Effective topic sentence
Strong introduction of evidence. Good use of evidence Strong discussion of evidence using literary elements and connecting back to topic sentence. Some grammatical errors. /10

6 Sample Paragraph Troy does not have hop for his son Cory because he doesn’t think football wouldn’t get him anywhere in life because of what happened to him anywhere in life because of what happened to him. This relationship is bad because he feels like Cory should rather get a job and help around, than just think about playing football because he thinks football isn’t going to get him no where. “I told that boy about that football stuff, the white man ain’t gonna let him get no where with it.” (Troy) (pg 8). Troy is thinking that Cory should not play football and is connecting his experience to Cory’s. This shows evidence about the relationship between Tory and Cory because it shows how Troy is having doubt on his very own son, knowing that he should at least be proud of him doing something in life and stop putting cory down all the time.

7 Your Turn! Using your graphic organizers from the test review, edit your paragraph to see if you followed the rules for a good formal paragraph. You have 10 minutes.

8 Writing an Introduction
HITT them with a strong intro! Make them want to keep reading!

9 HITT stands for: H - Hook I - Importance T- Text/Topic T - Thesis
The Introduction An introduction is just that - introducing the reader to your topic, your texts and your thesis. No evidence or discussion should be given. It should be between 4-6 sentences. HITT stands for: H - Hook I - Importance T- Text/Topic T - Thesis Hook General to Specific Thesis

10 The Hook: The hook is meant to draw your reader in and introduce your topic. Higher level introductions start with a general statement or observation about your topic: Family, Father, Husband, Friend For example: A good family member is a priceless quality. YOU TRY: Take 2 minutes and write your hook

11 Importance Importance just means briefly explaining why the topic is important (1-2 sentences) For example: In society, people are judged based on how they act in their family relationships and how they take care of their family. YOU TRY: Take 2 minutes and explain why your topic is important

12 Text/Topic In your intro - you MUST say the title and author. It is helpful to give a one sentence intro of the books or stories. For example: Fences by August Wilson takes place in the 1960’s and creates an accurate picture of what life was like for an African-American and his family during this time. YOU TRY: Take 2 minutes and write your text sentence

13 The Thesis: The thesis is the LAST sentence in your introduction. It is the focus of your essay. It is the debatable statement that you will spend the rest of your essay proving. For example: Wilson portrays Troy as a bad family man because he cheats on his wife and does not show love for his children. YOU TRY: Write in your thesis

14 End TRUE to your ideas and your argument
The Conclusion End TRUE to your ideas and your argument

15 End thoughful or hopeful
The Conclusion The conclusion is meant to sum up your main ideas. It is supposed to remind your reader how you proved your thesis. No new evidence should be discussed. TRUE stands for: T - Thesis, restated R - Review main ideas U - offer a new understanding E- End hopeful or thoughtful Restate Thesis Specific to general End thoughful or hopeful

16 Thesis, restated: Re-write your thesis in new words.
Original Thesis: Wilson portrays Troy as a bad family man because he cheats on his wife and does not show love for his children. For Example: Troy is a bad family man because of his poor decisions and actions towards his wife and son. You Try: Rewrite your thesis statement (2 minutes)

17 Review Main Ideas Recap the main idea from each paragraph.
For example: Troy cheats on his wife and is constantly putting her down. Furthermore, he does not support or love his children. You Try: write a sentence that sums up each of your body paragraphs (2 minutes)

18 Offer a new understanding:
After reading the book and completing your in-depth analysis of this topic, what new insight or understanding can you offer? For example: Through these relationships, August Wilson has us reflect on our own position in regards to relationships to others. He gets us to think about what it means to be a good husband, father, son, wife and overall person. You Try: Offer YOUR new understanding (2 minutes)

19 End Thoughtful or Hopeful
End your paper on a hopeful note. For example: Through these experiences, the overall message is the importance of being a good person. If you cannot look back at the end of your life and be happy with decisions you made or the way you treat people, then you should change now! You Try: End thoughtful or hopeful (2 min)

20 And we’re done! See how easy it is to write a literary analysis paper?
Jeffrey Misses C Block! Kristina is proud of your hard work today!

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