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Advanced Call Tracking Solutions By Encompass Media Limited 05/12/2008 1.

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1 Advanced Call Tracking Solutions By Encompass Media Limited 05/12/2008 1

2 Benefits Of AdInsight You will be able to: Obtain proof of performance and justify costs: Identify every response your and your franchisees media generates and justify advertising costs. Make your marketing budget work harder: With phone calls as an additional conversion metric you are able to better understand where your networks leads and sales are coming from, so you can optimise your campaigns better and ensure your marketing budget is working harder. 2

3 Benefits Of AdInsight Identify the most profitable campaigns, by allowing your franchisees to feeding back sales information. Negotiate better advertising rates using the performance data provided by AdInsight. Recognise the areas that spend more on your products and services, so you can target them better. Identify trends in your market by seeing how your and your franchisees campaigns perform over time. 3

4 Benefits Of AdInsight Allow your franchisees to recapture lost leads by following up on out of hours or missed calls flagged by AdInsight. Get access to call recordings for training and quality purposes. Identify staffing problems in your network and identify busy times of the day, month or year. Outsmart the competition by advertising smarter and spending less. 4

5 How AdInsight Works 5 1.A prospect sees your or your franchisees advert. 2.Prospect calls your or one of your franchisees unique tracking numbers. 3.AdInsight instantly forwards the call to the business line. 4.Your franchisees optionally record the sales and lead information and can also access all their call data. 5.You access all your franchisees call data and reports. 6.AdInsight can also inject the call data directly into your chosen web analytics software, allowing you and us to calculate visitor to phone call conversion rates on your website. 7.AdInsight automatically changes the phone number listed on your website, so you can track different online media sources.

6 How Online Tracking Works From Paid and Organic Search 6 Visitor enters website from organic search Visitor enters website from Paid search Website tells AdInsight where the visitor came from and what search phrase they used. AdInsight tells the website which phone number to show and returning visitors are always shown this number. Website tells AdInsight which PPC advert the visitor clicked. AdInsight tells the website which phone number to show and returning visitors are always shown this number. Website colours have been changed for aesthetic purposes.

7 Google Analytics Integration Setup: 1.Insert Google Analytics ID into AdInsight. 2.Setup a goal in Google Analytics. 3.See the phone call conversions in Google Analytics 7

8 How Offline Tracking Works 8 You place different AdInsight tracking numbers into each of your and your franchisees offline adverts, so you can track the response of each advert individually.

9 Which Campaigns Drive the Most Calls? This shows the number of total, unique and repeat calls each of your and your franchisees campaigns has received. Used to identify effective and non effective campaigns. 9

10 What Are Your Market Trends? This shows the call volume of each of your and your franchisees campaigns over time. Used to identify trends in your market. 10

11 Which Are Your Most Profitable Advertising Campaigns? This shows the performance of each of your and your franchisees campaigns in a tabular format and ranks campaigns based on performance. 11

12 What is Your Campaign Performance And Do You Have Any Staffing Issues? This is a graphical representation of each campaigns ROI. Used to quickly pinpoint the most profitable campaigns. This shows the average call duration and talk time. Used to identify staffing issues and inaccurate media messages. 12

13 Where Are Your Most Profitable Consumers Located? This shows you where your and your franchisees calls are originating from. Used to identify the most responsive locations. 13

14 Track Your Sales To Their Source And Identify Missed Sales Opportunities 14

15 AdInsight Features Inbound call tracking. Lead, sales and sales value tracking. Full call detail reporting. No client side hardware or software requirements. Call recording. Caller ID location lookup. 15

16 AdInsight Features Over 4,000,000 geographic and non- geographic UK numbers available. Missed call email notifications. Instant number allocation and setup. Web analytics integration. Dynamic phone number replacement technology. 16

17 About Encompass Media Formed in June 2008 due to a merger between YapTele and Senopsis. YapTele was a VoIP telecommunications company, running for over 3 years. Senopsis was an online marketing agency, running for just over 2 years. Encompass Media was formed to improve the accountability of media spend in the UK. 17

18 Mission Statement We will become the ultimate provider of advertising performance management systems. This will be achieved through combining innovative technology with in depth understanding of client needs so that the value created forms long term partnerships and the creation of wealth for stakeholders. 18

19 AdInsight Overview Conceived and developed early in 2007 to solve the accountability problems of phone call conversions. Production started in late 2007. First beta testers recruited at the end of March 2008. Opened to market on 6 th October 2008. Constantly being improved. 19

20 For more information go to: Or call us on 0844 704 9558 (If you call us we’ll know you read this presentation, because we’re tracking it!) 20

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