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Driving Franchised Dealer Market Awareness Justin Wilson.

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1 Driving Franchised Dealer Market Awareness Justin Wilson

2 Why Franchise Dealers? Considerable number of franchise dealers across the UK: 4,900 according to National Franchise Dealers Association Contract Hire and Leasing penetration is currently low (1-2%), so big opportunity These dealers work hard to drive people to their dealerships, but often the focus is on other ownership options – they can play a role in educating people to the benefits of moving away from purchase / PCP to contract hire Perception is that Contract Hire and Leasing is a competitor, not an enabler – education

3 What does success look like? Measuring awareness is very challenging: Without large scale, measures such as brand recall and brand recognition can be very expensive We need different metrics… Audience reach – the number of people who had the opportunity to see our communications (NOT people who have engaged with it) Web traffic – able to track from a digital perspective through custom URLs and Google Analytics Search traffic referrals volume – people searching for the website but not knowing the URL (we can measure direct referrals too) Enquiries – although this is not the objective, it should be a by-product Anecdotal Sales Team feedback – although difficult to quantify

4 The campaign should be integrated to ensure that the target audience have the best opportunity to find out more about Contract Hire and Leasing Online Offline Search Engine Optimisation Pay Per Click Social Media Email Affiliates Display Print Direct Mail Trade Events PR Radio Outdoor

5 Search Engine Optimisation Before any campaigning starts, we need to be ready to receive traffic Generic landing page: Who we are What we do Video content needs to be more engaging Contact form ideally not below the fold Run some intensified SEO activity (link building, social sharing) Specific landing pages can be created for other campaigns (e.g. with joint branding) Budget: Page creation - £0 SEO - £neg (push for £0)

6 Social Media Where do our audience spend their social media time? Likely to have a presence on Facebook, but this is ‘personal’ time and people are not receptive to business communications LinkedIn: Able to target by job role (9k Fleet Managers) Can target priority dealerships before others Simple message, e.g. “We can share your offers with 500k monthly visitors” Followed by InMail campaign, with more depth about what we do We can share your offer with 500k monthly visitors… Budget: Display Ads - £750 InMail - £750

7 Email We have a database of existing franchise dealership contacts but they tend to be dealer principals rather than our target audience DPs: Reply to the email with your fleet manager contact details to receive X% off your first campaign, or another incentive Fleet Managers: We are not a competitor We can show your offers to a massive audience Testimonial / quote from happy franchise dealer client Budget: Email - £200 (for creative) Promotion - £tbc

8 Affiliates There are websites who have already developed credibility with our audience – we can use these sites to communicate with the audience National Franchise Dealers Association: Email comms to subscribers Content written for their news section / whitepapers Fleet News: 85% of all fleet news web visits Sponsor email updates Display advertising Large social presence (Tw 6k) Budget: NFDA - £500/email FN Display - £1k per week FN Email - £500

9 Print To maximise spend effectiveness, we should focus on just one title: Fleet News Variety of print options available, but should start small and track its effectiveness Specific phone number set up to track enquiries Specific URL to track people moving from offline to online, e.g. Budget: Per Half Page: £900 Per Page: £1500

10 Direct Mail Is dependent on quality of postal address information on database Would need to be addressed to Fleet Managers rather than Dealer Principals Questionable effectiveness and very difficult to track changes in awareness Cost can vary dramatically depending on creative, volume of contacts, etc. Budget: Per Mail approx. £2.50

11 Trade Events Good way to build credibility and help with education by engaging 121 with potential clients Can be run through sponsorship of award ceremonies or exhibitors at trade conferences Fleet News Awards (March 2015) AM Digital Dealer Event (September 2015) National Franchise Dealer Association Ball (October 2015) Budget: FN Awards – £1k to £10k AM Exhibit – £5k NFDA – £2k

12 PR We have content creators in house, and should be utilising these Thought leadership pieces published on our website, but publicised through social media / media network Content to be shown in different formats: More persuasive content on the business itself rather than at car- level White papers for download Infographics Video Text visualisation Likely to require some agency support Budget: Content £0 (in-house) Dependent on PR activity

13 Campaign Timeline ActivitySpendFebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugustSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecember SEO Page Set Up Generic Landing Page£0 SEO support for page£0 Landing Page Amends£0 Specific Landing Pages£0 Social Media LinkedIn Display£1,500 LinkedIn InMail£1,500 Email Email Creation£200 PromotionTBC Affiliates NFDA£1,000 FN Display£3,000 FN Email£1,500 Print FN Half Page£1,800 FN Full Page£3,000 Direct Mail To 1000 dealers£2,500 Trade Events FN£2,000 AM£5,000 NFDA£2,000 PR TBC TOTAL£25,000

14 Priorities All activity would likely cost £25k In the event of budget not covering this, we should prioritise in the following order: ActivityCostRationale SEO£0Necessary to direct all online activity Affiliates£5,500Well targeted for audience Email£200Low cost and effective Social Media£3,000Can target at individual level Trade Events£9,000Good opportunity for 121 discussions PRTBCScope very broad, difficult to prioritise Print£4,800Expensive and can be ineffective Direct Mail£2,500Costly and difficult to measure effectiveness

15 Driving Franchised Dealer Market Awareness Justin Wilson

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