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The Partition of Africa

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1 The Partition of Africa
9.2 Notes

2 Africa in the Early 1800’s Africa is 3x size of Europe
People speak 100’s of languages Varied governments and ways of life Islam was a strong force in much of the continent

3 II. European Contact Increases
Explorers map Africa’s interior Missionaries follow explorers Built churches, schools and hospitals Paternalistic view- seeing Africans as children

4 III. A Scramble for Colonies
King Leopold II of Belgium hired Henry Stanley arrange trade treaties with the Congo This set off a scramble for Africa Berlin Conference- No Africans invited About rules on colonizing Africa Had to set up a government office there Next 20 years Africa almost all split up by Europeans Leopold II

5 The New Imperialism: Section 2
The Scramble for Africa

6 III. A Scramble for Colonies cont.
Horrors in Congo- Belgian overseers brutalize villagers Force them to work for nothing France Extends Influence Took Algeria and West Africa Britain Took large but scattered portions Fought the Boers in a guerilla war

7 IV. Africans Resist Imperialism
Africans fought back in a series of bloody wars Samori Toure fought the French Ethiopia managed to resist colonization Menelik II King of Ethiopia managed to modernize his country Italy was defeated when they invaded Samori Toure Menelik II

8 Questions What set off the scramble for Africa?
Why do you think Africans were not invited to the Berlin Conference? How did Menilik II preserve Etheopian Independence? How might the division of Africa by the Europeans affect Africa? What if it was Europe that was randomly divided what problems might there be?

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