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Imperialism in Africa Unit 8 – Ms. Doyle.

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1 Imperialism in Africa Unit 8 – Ms. Doyle

2 Page 3: Imperialism in Africa
WARM UP Make a list of everything you know about Africa (Hint: Think people, countries, culture, history, events, etc.) Agenda: Warm Up Notes Political Cartoon Viewpoints Impacts Chart – Positive vs. Negative

3 Scramble for Africa

4 Day 2: Page 2: Imperialism in Africa
Africa is approximately 3 times the size of Europe and was made up of many regions, languages, cultures, and governments. Transatlantic slave trade: the trading of slaves from their home in Africa to European traders in North and South America, across the Atlantic Ocean. European traders began to move further inland in Africa because they were fascinated with African geography

5 Day 2: Page 2: Imperialism in Africa
Christian missionaries followed explorers into Africa with the hope to spread Christianity Missionaries built schools, churches, and fought against the evil of the slave trade As missionaries reported back to Europe, rulers sent explorers to “check out” Africa Shortly after, Kings hired explorers to arrange trade treaties with African leaders Before long, Britain, France, and Germany were claiming land in Africa

6 Day 2: Page 2: Imperialism in Africa
In order to avoid war with the European countries claiming land in Africa, the countries met at the Berlin Conference in Africa to discuss how Africa would be divided. NO AFRICANS WERE INVITED TO THE CONFERENCE The redrawing of Africa was done without consideration of traditional patterns or ethnic boundaries The rush to colonize Africa was on!


8 Day 2: Page 2: Imperialism in Africa
The European countries exploited the riches of Africa (ivory, copper, rubber) and drastically declined the labor force using brutal force and mutilation Boer War lasted for 3 years between Britain and Boers and was fought over the discovery of gold and diamonds War involved guerilla fighting Britain won at a great cost to the Boers Britain set up a new government with a constitution which segregated the whites and Africans; this segregation lasted until 1993

9 Day 2: Page 2: Imperialism in Africa
Africans resisted imperialism constantly fighting wars against European nations These wars often led to European nations burning hundreds of acres of farmland which led thousands of African locals to starve Ethiopia and Liberia were the only African nations to preserve their independence!

10 Imperialism in Africa: Cartoon Response
Directions: Answer the following questions based on the cartoon. According to this cartoon, which European countries were fighting for a position in Africa? How did the Berlin Conference lead to the situation shown in the cartoon?

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