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1 Imperialism

2 Imperialism Domination of one country of the political, economic, or cultural life of another country or region

3 Causes Economic interests Political and Military
Humanitarian and Religious Goals Social Darwinism

4 Economic Interests Overseas expansion Wanted natural resources
New markets of consumers Place for growing population

5 Political and Military
Needed bases to get supplies Nationalism National security Prestige

6 Humanitarian and Religious
Missionaries Doctors

7 Social Darwinism Survival of the fittest for human societies
Racial superiority Improving human species

8 3 C’s Commerce Christianity Civilization

9 Types of Rule Direct rule Indirect rule Protectorate

10 Direct Rule Send officials to rule Impose culture on colonies

11 Indirect Rule Used local ruler Used military force if necessary

12 Protectorate Local rulers European advisors

13 Africa in Early 1800s Nearly 3 times the size of Europe
Hundreds of languages Varied governments

14 Slave Trade European nations outlawed transatlantic slave trade
Continued to Asia

15 David Livingstone Explorer and missionary Explored interior of Africa
Opposed slave trade

16 Henry Stanley Explored interior of Africa
Explored Congo for King Leopold II

17 Cecil Rhodes Supported imperialism in Africa
Helped Britain expand empire Promoted separation of races

18 Berlin Conference Held to avoid bloodshed No Africans invited
European power couldn’t claim land unless it had government office there

19 France Took large share of Africa Colonies in West and Central Africa

20 Britain Heavily populated regions with rich resources
West and East Africa Clashed with Boers

21 Boer War In South Africa Guerrilla fighting British won

22 Resistance Armed resistance Yaa Asantewaa Queen of Asante
Led fight against British

23 Ethiopia Menelik II Latest weapons and European officers
Modernized Ethiopia Latest weapons and European officers Battle of Adowa smashed Italian invaders Preserved independence

24 African Elite New class emerged Admired Western ways
Clashed with traditions

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