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Funding for Community and Voluntary Organisations Social Enterprise & Sport Conference 21 st June 2012.

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1 Funding for Community and Voluntary Organisations Social Enterprise & Sport Conference 21 st June 2012

2 One clear focus Developing and supporting a world class sporting system at all levels We work with partners to develop this system, investing in and joining up the people, places, planning and partnerships that make sport happen

3 Our role Advise the Scottish Government and support delivery of its policies Lead, support and coordinate key organisations involved in sport Invest National Lottery and Scottish Government funding Deliver quality products and services in targeted areas Promote the power of sport & the contribution it makes to Scotland Collaborate with UK and international sporting systems Add value to major sporting events and partner investment


5 Funding Programmes Sports Facilities SFF Full Applications SFF Small Projects Strand Small Grants Sportsmatch Awards for All

6 Small Projects Strand (Single Stage Process) Outline & Full Applications (Two Stage Process) Intended to make the application process fast and simple for small projects Intended to give the applicant formal feedback before the depth of the project is developed Projects led by Clubs, Trusts, Local Authorities or any other eligible organisation Club Projects with a value between £10,000 & £50,000 can apply for up 100% funding Club Projects with a value between £50,000 & £100,000 can apply for up 50% funding Local Authority Projects with a value of £10,000 & £100,000 can apply for up 50% funding All eligible applicants can apply for up to 50% Funding

7 Facilities Funding Priorities identified in SGB/LA facilities strategies / fit with any other relevant strategy deliver increased participation or improved performance increase capacity, allowing growth in participation address identified gaps in provision Commonwealth Games sports projects (where there is a clear legacy) fit with Community Sports Hubs principles

8 Eligible Projects The provision extension or upgrading of playing facilities or changing accommodation Floodlighting to playing facilities Storage facilities for playing equipment Purchase of major items of non-personal equipment (with a 7 year life)

9 Ineligible Projects Projects with a value under £10,000 inc VAT All repairs, renewals, replacement, and maintenance Purchase of buses, vans and the like Bars, Dining Rooms, dedicated social areas and associated spaces Bedroom / Residential accommodation inc caretakers flats etc Personal Equipment General Sports equipment not having a life expectancy of more than 7 years, Buildings etc not having a life expectancy of at least twice the length of the terms of award Free standing administrative areas and committee rooms which are not essential parts of sports facilities. Feasibility studies and design competitions Speculative purchase of land and / or facilities for utilisation / development in the long term Purchase of land and or facilities as a means of saving money on rent

10 sportscotland managed scheme to match commercial business sponsorship on a £ for £ basis, £500 min - £10,000 max Who is eligible? Any constituted ‘not for profit’ organisation. Sponsorship can be in cash or ‘in kind’ What is sportsmatch?

11 What projects are eligible? Projects that: aim to develop or increase participation and/or improve standards in grassroots community sport aim to deliver long-term benefits and provide pathways to continued sporting participation are a new or enhanced project, i.e. not part of a club’s normal ongoing running costs Priority will be given to projects focusing on youth, girls and women, and those facing barriers to participation

12 Awards for All A lottery grants programme for small community groups looking for smaller sums of money. £500 - £10,000 Activities considered include: Buying sports equipment to improve standards and involve more people. Development programmes Small improvements to premises (not repair or replacement)

13 What makes a good application Strong youth development coach and volunteer education Sporting pathway development (e.g. improved equipment) Development work which is in line with governing body priorities (programming) Strong links to the Governing Body Strategies and Development plans

14 Help for Clubs Accreditation is concerned with the various schemes for gaining wider national recognition and approval Admin and Management provides help and advice about the administration of your club including structures, constitutions, rules and policies Child Protection brings together all the advice on this important issue Club Development shows you how to organise your programme of activities and plan for the growth of your club's activities Coaching is aimed at all club coaches and anyone involved in player development and coaching Communications shows you how to keep in touch with your members through both printed and online means Equity considers how clubs can ensure that they operate with fairness, justice, equality, inclusion and respect for all members. Facilities explores the various ways of operating premises including a centre, track or range Funding covers all aspects of raising money from subscriptions, grants and sponsorship Juniors offers guidance about involving children and young people in your club - the next generation of members Membership is all about attracting and retaining your club members Staff deals with the recruitment, employment and support of paid staff Officers explores the key roles of chair, secretary, treasurer and other officials Volunteers looks at how a club can make the very best use of its members and volunteers in running the club

15 Contact Details 0141 534 6598

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