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P A R T N E R S H I P T H E T A Y S I D E & F I F E F E B R U A R Y 4 t h 2 0 0 6 S P O R T S D E V E L O P I N G P A T H W A Y S I N T A Y S I D E......

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1 P A R T N E R S H I P T H E T A Y S I D E & F I F E F E B R U A R Y 4 t h 2 0 0 6 S P O R T S D E V E L O P I N G P A T H W A Y S I N T A Y S I D E...... T H R O U G H A N I N T E G R A T E D A P P R O A C H & Fife

2 T O D A Y ’ S O V E R V I E W What is SportTayside & Fife? Where were we this time last year? Time to review? The current picture SportTayside & Fife Priorities - What do they mean? CoachingTayside & Fife Highlights Looking Ahead… & Fife

3 W H A T I S S p o r t T a y s i d e & F i f e ? Previously known as TSDG Tayside Sports Development Group Core Funding Partners sportscotland, Angus, Dundee City, Perth & Kinross Councils, P & K Leisure Work closely with respective Local Sports Councils NGBs, Clubs, Volunteers, TFIS, Universities and Colleges

4 Nine Focus sports/Four Priority 1 sports Athletics, Basketball, Girls’ & Women’s Football and Hockey - wider development of the sports Planning - Sports Specific DOs Five Priority 2 Sports + Generic Coach DO Badminton, Cricket, Rugby, Swimming and Tennis IMPACT programme/CoachingTayside In partnership with Development Groups T I M E L A S T Y E A R ? W H E R E W E R E W E T H I S NGBs, clubs, coaches and volunteers & Fife

5 IMPACT review to shape future thinking Cause and effect T I M E T O R E V I E W ? Greater investment towards Sports Partnerships - National Pilot Allowed for critical assessment LTPD/Academies – dedicated resources to support potential performance athletes I M P A C T R E V I E W M O V I N G F O R W A R D Strength and Weaknesses Can we do things better? Prioritisation of sports/Tayside/Fife to be explored/Consultation with agencies Let’s look at the success factors! Improving Performance and Coaching in Tayside & Fife

6 Core Sports Identified Athletics, Gymnastics, Swimming – Fundamental LTPD Golf, Rugby to also contribute to the pathway Girls’ & Women’s Football as a pilot sport Basketball, Hockey – Local and Regionally identified as sports that can add value to the partnership Sports Specific Development Managers Investment towards coaching/clubs – Dev. Manager Fife secured as partner in line with AIS boundaries Closer working with TFIS T H E C U R R E N T P I C T U R E... & Fife

7 S p o r t T a y s i d e & F i f e P R I O R I T I E S Sports Specific/Partnership Development Active Schools/Educational Departments Education & Training Regional Facilities Strategy Facility access, cost and provision Club Development Promotion of Good Practice & Fife

8 W H A T O U R P R I O R I T I E S M E A N... Allowing for the integration and management of Local, Regional and National development Co-ordinating corporate working across our partners and other organisations Building infrastructures from Grass Roots to Performance Investment directed towards clubs and coaching Striving to influence decision-making at a higher level Sharing best practice and being more effective in what we do! & Fife

9 Plans have helped promote culture of working together and optimised available resources Allowed for the sharing of expertise through policy development Continuity for the development of programme athletes, coaches and volunteers W H A T O U R P R I O R I T I E S M E A N... Providing clarity and understanding for a particular layer of the player pathway structure Helped to define sport specific pathways Allowed for regional consistency Contribute to the development of the ‘investment years’ through Active Schools and TFIS & Fife

10 Introduction of Coaching Action Plan Significant investment allocated to coaching over 2 years Investment in individuals and programmes Opportunities for people involved in the delivery process Scholarship Development Programme Swimming Coach approved for Australia programme study Integral to the development of coaches and club volunteers An integrated Tayside & Fife Education and Training Programme Allowing for a local, regional and national integration & Fife C o a c h i n g T a y s i d e & F i f e H I G H L I G H T S

11 Successful Coaching Conference delivered Highlighting Long Term Player Development Special Guest, Istvan Balyi High quality workshop delivery To inspire coaches to change their behaviour and do something different! Ninety-five delegates attended Highlight of the year for the CoachingTayside representative group C o a c h i n g T a y s i d e & F i f e H I G H L I G H T S & Fife

12 S p o r t 2 1 P R I O R I T I E S Target 9-1 Million Scots will play sport in membership of clubs Target 10-150,000 volunteers will contribute to the development of sport S p o r t 2 1... …Sports Partnerships will contribute to Scotland having at least 60% of the nation taking part in sport by 2020… S P O R T P A R T N E R S H I P T A R G E T S Club Members-Increase junior participation/club volunteers/coaches/increase performance levels & Fife

13 S p o r t T a y s i d e & F i f e C O R P O R A T E A I M S A N D V I S I O N F OR S P O R T I N T A Y S I D E …to promote best practice and foster co-operation and collaboration among all relevant agencies… …to develop a framework that supports the delivery of programmes to further enhance the infrastructure of sport at local, regional and national level… & Fife

14 L O O K I N G A H E A D... SportTayside to strategically plan and ensure activity is managed more effectively Planning the integration with Fife Building infrastructures from Grass Roots to Performance Integration of LTPD. Can we make this practically happen? Coach recruitment criteria to ‘dovetail’ with the national LTPD framework Improved communication and professional management of future programmes Let’s do things better! & Fife

15 Lynch Sports Centre South Road Dundee DD2 4SR Tel: 01382 431826 E-mail: A N Y Q U E S T I O N S ? & Fife

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