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Section Influences on you healthy, active lifestyle

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1 Section 1.1.2 Influences on you healthy, active lifestyle
Lesson 3: Opportunities and Initiatives

2 Learning Objectives and Outcomes
W.A.L.F. c. Explain the sports participation pyramid with regard to the foundation, participation, performance and elite stages d. Describe initiatives developed to provide opportunities to become, or remain, involved in physical activity W.I.L.F. All of you Most of you Some of you

3 Opportunities As well as taking part in physical activity as a player, you can also become involved as a leader, official or volunteer

4 Performer The pathways a young performer learns and progresses can have a clear structure and include the following: Provides training to compete and enter local and district events Provides teaching of fundamental sports skills Provides opportunities for selection for international representation School Club Develops skills by providing opportunities to join clubs and teams Provides opportunities to gain regional and local participation status

5 Sports Leader The practical aspect can equip the candidate with lifelong skills of self – management and leadership Provides the opportunity to gain qualifications and develop core skills and competencies in sporting activities Sports Leader Practical and theory sessions are run in the local area using schools, community halls etc Sports Leaders UK is a registered charity The nationally recognised awards help develop essential personal skills such as confidence, motivation, communication and teamwork Can act as a stepping – stone for employment as well as helping to develop character and personality

6 Volunteer For sports clubs to run they need to be organised efficiently In most cases players double their contribution to the club by taking on another role Volunteers are vital in keeping the club in existence When a person takes on a job they can draw on their life skills to help with the role The jobs associated with running a club are wide and varied. How many can you think of?

7 Administration Transport Fundraising Finance Variety of Roles Maintenance Catering Cleaning Officiating Coaching

8 Official In 2007/08 the Youth Sports Trust funded training for young people (16-19) to officiate at sports such as athletics, volleyball, badminton, swimming and disability sports. The aim of the training is to give young people skills to help at local and national events, such as the UK School Games, and major events alongside top officials The following partners are involved: National Governing Bodies of Sport School Sport Partnerships Competition Managers The national governing bodies of sport design courses for people interested in becoming officials in their chosen sport. Each pathway is different according to the nature of the sport

9 Coaching Sports Coach UK is a charitable organisation concerned with coaching Set up the UK Coaching Framework to support children, adults and players and athletes with skilled coaches. Players at all stages will be supported so that by 2016 the framework becomes a world – leading example The framework links: The governing bodies of each sport The four Home Country Sports Councils: Sport England, sportsscotland, the Sports Council for Wales and the Sports Council for Northern Ireland UK Sport Skills Active Youth Sports Trust

10 The objectives are to: Help sports improve their coaching See coaches play a key role in increasing sport participation and improving sporting performances Help build a clear career structure for coaches This will leave a lasting legacy, with coaching being recognised as a professional career

11 Initiatives A number of initiatives have been designed to keep people involved in sport Government initiatives PESSYP (PE, School Sport and Young People) School Sport Partnerships Sport England The Youth Sport Trust and Active Kids programme

12 1. Government initiatives
A target of two hours physical activity was introduced in schools by the government to keep children active

13 2. PESSYP (PE, School Sport and Young People)
This initiative aims to strengthen the link between schools and local clubs, making it easier for students to take up physical activity in their spare time and take part in the different roles. Used to be known as PESSCL (PE School Sport Club Links)

14 3. School Sport Partnerships
Based around a group of schools with a sports college at the centre, or hub The aim of the scheme is to develop sporting opportunities in a wide range of sports, and offer high quality coaching an competitions within a local community

15 4. Sport England Sport England creates opportunities for individuals to start, stay and succeed in physical activity: Start: Increase participation in sport in order to improve the health of the nation, with a focus on priority groups Stay: Retain people in sport through an effective network of clubs, sports facilities, coaches, volunteers and competitive opportunities Succeed: Create opportunities for talented performers to achieve success

16 5. The Youth Sport Trust TOP and Active Kids programme
TOP programmes are designed to encourage people to get involved in sport. TOP link for example gives people in the 14 – 16 age group the chance to organise and manage sports activities The Active Kids Programme is an example of a voucher programme that schools can use to purchase sporting and other equipment

17 Participation Excellence Performance Participation Foundation

18 1. Foundation The base of the pyramid is where participants learn and experience basic sporting skills For example PE and recreational sports Many people take part at this stage

19 2. Participation Taking part on a more regular basis in a sports programme and being coached Belonging to an after- school club or sport club outside school

20 3. Performance Moving up to a higher level with more specialised coaching Local and regional coaching and training Local and regional competitions

21 4. Elite/Excellence Top of the pyramid, moving into representative level at county, regional and national levels Fewer people at this level

22 Question 1 Which of the following is a correct statement in a relation to sport England’s Start, Stay, Succeed policy? Start- increase the number of adults who start their day with exercise Start – increase participation in sport in order to improve the health of the nation, with a focus on priority groups Stay – aim to keep more officials working in sport so that more people can take part Succeed – to win more medals at the Olympic games

23 Question 2 The Step into Sport programme aims to provide opportunities for young people to take part in any of four different ways. Being a performer is one. Name the other three.

24 Question 3 Name and describe the level at the top of the sports participation pyramid

25 Question 4 How many hours does the government want students to spend on sport in school every week?

26 Answers 1 = B 2 = Official, leader, volunteer
3 = Elite/ Excellence. This is where individuals reach sporting excellence. Fewer people take part at this level. 4 = 2 hours

27 Homework For a sport of your choice find the pathway a person needs to follow to become a referee.

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