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Tennis Singles Amazing Rally Doubles Classic Set-up.

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1 Tennis Singles Amazing Rally Doubles Classic Set-up

2 History Tennis dates back to ancient Egypt and Persia where pictures indicate a type of game in which in ball was stroked over a net was played. Modern tennis is credited to an Englishman- Major Walter Wingfield. The first United States tennis tournament dates back to August 1876 in Nahant, Massachusetts.

3 History Continued The first tennis championship in England took place in 1877 sponsored by the All England Croquet Club at a little place called Wimbledon. Tennis has four major tournaments each year, called Grand Slam events. Can you name them?

4 The Court

5 Start of the match Each point starts with a serve.serve The player serving has two attempts to hit a serve into the service box. If he misses a serve, it is called a fault;fault If he misses both serves, a double fault occurs and the point goes to the opposing player.double fault The same player will serve for an entire game, whether he continues to score points or not. When the serve lands in the service box, the opposing player attempts to return the ball over the net and inbounds before the ball bounces twice. The players continue to rally, or hit the ball back and forth, until one player is unable to return the ball and a point is scored.rally Serves alternate each point between the “deuce court,” the right half of the server’s side to the left half of the receiver’s side, and the “ad court,” the left half of the server’s side to the right half of the receiver’s side. One player serves for an entire game, but players alternate service each game, and switch sides of the court after each odd-numbered game.

6 Scoring 0 points scored- "Love" 1st point scored- called 15 for that player 2 nd point scored- called 30 for that player 3 rd point scored- called 40 for that player 4 th point scored by a player is scored game for that player except as bellow:- If both players have won three points, the score is called deuce; The next point won by a player in deuce is scored advantage for that player. If the same player wins the next point, he wins the game; if the other player wins the next point the score is again called deuce; and so on, until a player wins the two points immediately following the score at deuce. The game is then awarded to that player.

7 Scoring Continued A player who wins six games wins a set except that he must win by a margin of two games over his opponent. A player must win two out of three sets, or three out of five sets to win the match. If two players tie at six games apiece, players either continue until one player leads by two games, or play a tiebreak.tiebreak It is essential that a person understands the difference between a point, game and set. To win a game at least four points must be won by a player, likewise a player to win a set must win at least six games. Doubles: a similar procedure to that for singles shall apply. At deuce the Receiving Team shall choose whether it wishes to receive the Service from the right-half of the court or the left-half of the court.

8 Changing Ends Normal scoring : change ends when the total of games is an odd number. For example, if the score is 5-2, the total is 7, an odd number, therefore, change ends. Tie breakers : change ends when the total of points adds up to 6 or a multiple thereof.

9 Tennis Strokes Groundstroke is hit after the ball has bounced once, and is usually hit from the backcourt. Volley hit before the ball bounces on the court, usually close to the net. Half-Volley when the ball is hit immediately after it bounces on the court. Overhead serve-like shot hit when returning high, short shots. Lob a high, arching ball that is usually hit over the opponent when he is at the net.

10 Tennis Strokes and Spins Forehand hit is on the dominant side (ball to right side of the body for a right handed player) Backhand hit is on the non-dominant side (ball to the left side of the body for a right-handed player). Topspin shot spins the ball forward, and seems to jump off the court in the direction it was traveling. Slice has backspin, and bounces back in the direction from which it was hit. Flat Shot has little spin, but often skids (instead of bouncing) when it hits the court.

11 Tennis Etiquette This refers to a standard of conduct expected on the court. Examples not yelling while the opposition is hitting not throwing your racket not swearing shaking hands following a match showing your opponent when serving with a new ball not arguing line calls

12 Safety Be conscious of rackets being swung in close proximity to you. Athletic shoes must be worn to participate on the tennis courts. The courts should not be used unless completely dry. Over-hitting and racket throwing are not permitted. Check equipment before starting out. Dress appropriately for the prevailing weather conditions. Play under control at all times and at a level which will not be injurious.

13 Grip Continental Grip This is what we’ll use Eastern Grip Semi-Western Grip Western Grip

14 Prepare racket early. Position body parallel to the path of the ball. Position body at proper distance from incoming ball during contact. Knees slightly flexed. Step with opposite foot. Maintain eye contact until striking the ball. Contact the ball forward of the body. Follow through

15 Prepare racket early. Position body parallel to the path of the ball. Position body at proper distance from incoming ball during contact. Knees slightly flexed. Step with opposite foot. Maintain eye contact. Contact the ball in front of the body. Follow through across body for 2 handed and in front for 1 handed backhand.

16 Volley Crouch to accommodate height of incoming ball. Punch the ball (don’t swing). Racket head is above wrist. Step into the ball. Keep eyes on ball until contact. Attempt to create a low trajectory.

17 Stagger feet at line. Bend knees slightly. Start with racket in ready position. Ball toss is as high or higher than person plus racket. Ball is tossed off serving shoulder. Ball is struck with all joints fully extended. Wrist follows through. Feet are stationary during serve.

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