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5 COURT DIMENSIONS The badminton court is 44’ x 17’ for singles, and 44’ x 20’ for doubles. The badminton net stands 5’ feet tall.

6 SCORING Use Rally scoring You need to win only by one point
A badminton match is the best two out three games. Each game is played to 21 points.

7 SERVING The serving team is decided by a spin of the racket. The winner has a choice of serve or side. The server starts from the right service court. After winning the first point, the server then moves to the left service court and serves from there.

8 SERVING (CONTINUED) On the initial serve of the game only one hand is automatically down (only one partner serves). When the serve is lost it passes to the opponent who is in the right service court. For a singles game, the server’s score always decides the serving court. For even scores the right service court is used. Left court for odd scores


10 level. (This means the racket grip is above the waist when hit.)
The shuttle or bird is hit above waist level. (This means the racket grip is above the waist when hit.) The head of the racket is not below the level of the hand holding the racket. The server’s feet are not in the correct serving court. (A foot which is on or touching a line is held to be outside of the court.)

11 Both of the server’s feet are not in
Contact with the floor. A feinting movement is made. The bird land outside the correct service court. The receiver is not standing within the correct service court. (Point for server)

12 The receiver moves before the bird is
struck. (Point for the server.) The server serves before the receiver is ready. (The receiver shall be deemed ready if a return is attempted.) If the bird touches the net on the serve but goes into the proper court, it is a legal serve. Missing the bird on the serve is not a fault.

13 GENERAL FAULTS The bird falls outside the court. (Lines are good)
A player is struck by the bird. Hitting the bird twice on one side of the net. The bird is struck before it crosses the net. (Follow through OK.)

14 A player touches the net while the bird is in play.
A player catches a bird instead of letting it drop. The bird is carried on the racket. A player obstructs an opponent.

15 LETS Both the server and receiver commit faults at the same moment.
The bird is caught in the net after passing over it. A let is awarded if a player wins a point after serving out of turn or from wrong court.

16 TERMS Clear – High deep shot hit to back boundary line.
Drive – A fast and low shot which makes a horizontal flight pattern over the net. Dropshot – Finesse stroke hit with verylittle speed which falls close to the net on the opponent’s side Feinting – a deceptive movement

17 TERMS Let – It allows a rally and the resulting score to be disregarded. Side-out - When the server loses the serve. Smash – Hard hit overhead shot which forces the bird sharply downward. The game’s chief attacking stroke.

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