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Acevedo Team Sports Unit 3

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1 Acevedo Team Sports Unit 3
ECLIPSE BALL Acevedo Team Sports Unit 3

2 Basic Information Eclipse ball combines the sports of Volleyball and Tennis. The dimensions of the court are the same as a volleyball court

3 Scoring Games are to 21 points (rally), half games are to 11, skunk is 11 to 0. In class, we typically play best of 3 games, played to 11. The game must be won by 3 points and “Game point!’ must be called when the winning point is served. A ball on the line is always considered good. In class, we will play in/out based off the poles (not regulation court lines)

4 SERVE The serve must be from 3/4 of the court or back
(a few steps in front of the backline on volleyball court). The ball is always served underhand. Serve must bounce once before you hit it One chance on the serve to hit it in. If the ball hits the net and goes over, it is good. Rally Scoring “Play it!” situation only occurs during one rally (worth 2 points) Players rotate when the service is won, clockwise, as in volleyball.

5 GAME PLAY The ball can bounce one time in between hits
Passing of the ball between players is limited to 3 times per side. If your momentum carries you or your racket into the net, the other team wins the point or gains possession of the serve. If the ball hits into the net, and comes back on your side, you may play it as one of your touches. The ball is usually hit with the racket; however it is not against the rules for players to use their hands, head, feet or other body parts to keep the ball in play.  It is against the rules to catch the ball and throw it. Must serve with the racket Players cannot double hit (setting themselves up, hitting two times in a row)

6 “Play it!” Rule “Play it!” may be called by a team member, who decides to keep the ball in play, when the opposing team is at fault. The player calls “Play it!” as the ball passes over the net. “Play it!” points are worth 2 points instead of 1 and can accumulate by multiples of 2 each time there is a fault and “Play it!” is called. In class, a “Play it!” situation is only worth 2 points (we will not accumulate it) If a team fails to call “Play it!” on an opposing teams fault, and keeps the ball in play, the game is continued as usual.

7 TODAY… We will get in groups of 4-5 and practice serving/hitting the ball back and forth. I WILL MAKE THE TEAMS (if there is 1 person you would like to be with, please let me know). Wednesday we will start the tournament.

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