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Tobacco, Nicotine and Drugs - Day 3

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1 Tobacco, Nicotine and Drugs - Day 3
SPONGE Tobacco, Nicotine and Drugs - Day 3 What do you think is the worst drug that a person could use? Why is this drug the worst? What does it do to you?

2 Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco
Drug Abuse Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Day 3

3 Legal Drugs Most drugs are made to be medicines.
Vaccines are injected into a person to make them resistant to a disease before getting it. Antibiotics are drugs produced by tiny living organisms that are used to fight germs. Sulfa drugs are chemicals made to kill germs.

4 Legal Drugs More people abuse legal drugs than illegal ones – 4.7 million Americans abuse prescription and over-the-counter drugs every year. 2.5 million used pain relievers like Oxycodone or morphine. 1.5 million used tranquilizers and sedatives like Valium and Xanax. 761,000 used stimulants like Ritalin.

5 Illegal Drugs Stimulants are drugs that speed up the body’s functions.
A person using a stimulant feels excited and jittery. Stimulants can speed a person up until they die of a stroke or heart attack. Stimulants are very addictive. Weaker stimulants include drugs like caffeine

6 Illegal Stimulants Include…
Amphetamines: Usually taken as a pill, it is referred to as “Speed.” They are very addictive and cause strokes and heart attacks. Cocaine: Also very addictive, “Coke” was a huge problem drug in the 80’s. This powder is snorted or smoked for quick bursts of energy, followed by intense depression and emptiness. Crack: Is a more pure and powerful type of cocaine that can be addictive after only one use.

7 Depressants The most often abused drugs are stimulants and depressants. Depressants are drugs that slow down your body’s functions and reactions. Someone that abuses depressants puts themselves at risk for a coma. These include: Narcotics: Drugs meant to bring on sleep or a loss of feeling. Heroin: A very powerful and strongly addictive drug. Addicted users who can’t get the drug are in constant pain.

8 Marijuana Known as “pot,” “grass” and many other names, Marijuana is a drug made from a plant that is either smoked or eaten. Though not as dangerous as cocaine or heroin it does increase blood pressure, lower body temperature, slow reaction time and interfere with the proper working of muscles.

9 Marijuana Over time, marijuana damages the heart, lungs and brain.
Marijuana is a gateway drug. People who use this drug are much more likely to try more dangerous drugs. Most potheads also lack motivation in everyday life.

10 Hallucinogens Hallucinogens are drugs that cause the user’s brain to form images of things that are not really there. PCP: Phencyclidine or “angel dust” removes the body’s sense of pain, giving people a false sense of power. PCP is very powerful and dangerous – its effects last for long time periods. It can cause blood vessels in the brain to burst, heart attacks and comas.

11 Inhalants Inhalants are substances whose fumes are inhaled to get a high by killing brain cells. Though there are many side-effects of huffing the worst is the killing of brain cells, which will never grow back.

12 Quitting Arguably the most painful part of a drug abusers life will be quitting. The drug addict will go through a series of painful physical and mental symptoms called withdrawal as the body gets used to not having the drug. This is a time of shaking, vomiting, hallucinations and excruciating pain where most addicts will desperately try to get more drugs.

13 How Can You Convince Your Friends to Quit?
Whether it be tobacco, alcohol or other drugs there are many ways to help your friends quit: Refusing to do drugs with them. Don’t abandon them; convince them to do something else with you besides drugs. For example, have them join a club you are in.

14 How Can You Convince Your Friends to Quit?
Honestly tell them how drugs have negatively affected your friendship and ask them to stop. Have an intervention with other friends and family If they are trying to quit be with them to keep them clean in hard times.

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