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SUBSTANCE ABUSE: What is Drug Abuse? Ms. Mai Lawndale High School.

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1 SUBSTANCE ABUSE: What is Drug Abuse? Ms. Mai Lawndale High School

2 Drug Abuse Drug abuse is any use of an illegal drug or the misuse of any legal drug (prescription, over-the-counter, alcohol) Remember that psychoactive drugs are any substance that acts on the brain affecting someone ’ s mind and behavior Depending on the type of drug used, it may make you feel elated, relaxed, more energetic, more excited, or simply different than you normally feel

3 Categories of Psychoactive Drugs For these reasons, many people become addicted to mind-altering drugs Psychoactive drugs are categories into 5 different categories depending upon their potential for abuse and addiction (Category 1  5)

4 Categories of Psychoactive Drugs CategoryDrugsCharacteristics Category 1Cannabis, heroin, LSD Highest potential for abuse No medical use Category 2Cocaine, meth, PCP, morphine, High potential for abuse Very restricted medical use Category 3Narcotics, barbiturates Some potential for abuse Accepted medical use Category 4Tranquilizer stimulants Low potential for abuse Accepted medical use Category 5Some over- the-counter Lowest potential for abuse Accepted medical use

5 Category 1 Highest potential for abuse and addiction, no accepted medical use (cannabis, heroin, LSD)

6 Category 2 High potential for abuse and addiction, restricted medical use (amphetamine, codeine, cocaine, methamphetamine, morphine, opium, PCP, barbiturates)

7 Category 3 Some potential for abuse and addition, accepted medical use (stimulants, barbiturates, narcotics)

8 Category 4 Low potential for abuse and addiction, accepted medical use (sedatives, tranquilizers, narcotics)

9 Category 5 Lowest potential for abuse, accepted medical use (over-the-counter med)

10 Why Do Young People Use Drugs? The most common reason teenagers start using drugs is to be accepted by their peers and to “ fit in ” They are also curious about the effects, want to relax, relieve boredom, or escape personal problems

11 Stages of Drug Abuse Stage 1 - begin drug abuse with the use of beer or wine Stage 2 – start drinking other liquor, cigarettes, or both Stage 3 – start using marijuana Stage 4 – start using illegal drugs

12 How Does Drug Abuse Develop? The powerful effects of drugs quickly lead users from experimentation to regular use to addiction (strong physical and psychological craving for substance) Drug Abuse develops with a few steps 1. Experimentation 2. Tolerance 3. Physical Dependence 4. Psychological Dependence

13 Steps of Drug Abuse 1. Experimentation – users like the unusual feelings, and want to try it again 2. Tolerance – start increasing the amounts of the drug to reduce sensitivity 3. Physical Dependence – body becomes dependent on it effects (withdrawal if user stops like depression anxiety, nausea, vomiting, chills, sweating) 4. Psychological Dependence – users want mind-altering effects (sometimes stronger than physical dependence)

14 Dangers of Drug Abuse Drug abuse involved 2 major dangers 1. Damaging effects of combining drugs 2. Severe injury or death of overdose When psychoactive drugs are combined, their effects can seriously disrupt heart rate, breathing, and other body processes (drug most often used in combination is alcohol)

15 Overdose An overdose is a drug dose high enough to cause serious injury, coma, or death Remember that the purity and strength of illegal drugs are not controlled, so users can never be sure of what they are really taking By the time the drug or combination of drugs is taken and it too potent for the person, it is too late 


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