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Welcome to Crime Prevention Training.

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1 Welcome to Crime Prevention Training

2 Pratt Institute Institute Safety and Security Department
Crime Prevention Presentation

3 How to Contact the Pratt Safety and Security Department Emergencies: Non-Emergencies: (718) Internet:

4 When do I call 3333? For Emergencies To Report Crimes in progress
To Report Suspicious Activity and or Person(s)

5 For Emergencies Dial 3333 from any campus phone.
Press the button on the yellow Emergency Call Boxes.

6 Blue Phones Located throughout the Pratt campus

7 What are crimes of opportunity?
A criminal doesn’t plan to steal your specific property. A criminal searches for unattended property to steal.

8 What’s the most frequently occurring crime at Pratt?
Theft of Personal Property

9 Crime Forecaster Triangle

10 90% of crimes that occur at the Institute are crimes of opportunity
90% of crimes that occur at the Institute are crimes of opportunity. Never leave personal property unattended!

11 Bicycle Safety Tips

12 Protect your bicycle from theft…
Use a U-Lock to secure your bike. Report suspicious activity near bike racks. Always secure the bike to a bike rack. Register your bicycle with Pratt or Police. Engrave your bike with your driver’s license number.

13 Operation I.D. The Pratt Security Office located in the
Engineering Building will engrave an I.D. number on your bike and other items and forward the information to the local police precinct for registration.

14 Library Safety Tips Never leave your personal items unattended.
If you go to sleep, secure your straps around your leg or arm. Use your pack or bag as pillow.

15 Personal Safety Tips

16 Walking Through the Neighborhood
Be aware of your surroundings. Travel in well-lit high traffic areas. Walk with a friend and or near a group of people. Avoid short cuts, pathways, and poorly lit parking lots. Be alert. Have your keys ready before you enter your residence or vehicle. Keep your personal belongings close by and secure. Walk with your head up, this will project confidence.

17 Be aware of the area around you.
Don’t give out personal information. If you are in trouble, attract help any way you can. Yell, call for help, shout "fire“. If a driver stops to ask directions, avoid getting near the vehicle. Carry a whistle and use it if you feel you are in danger. Walk with your head up, this will project confidence.

18 Keep yourself safe. Don’t consume too much alcohol.
Stay away from dangerous areas of the city. Be careful of strangers who try to be too friendly. Make a lot of noise and run away. Walk with your head up, this will project confidence.

19 Pedestrian Safety Tips
Look both ways before crossing the street Ensure that the driver of an oncoming vehicle has seen you before you step into the cross walk. Do not cross outside of a cross walk –vehicles aren’t expecting you to do that. Be a predictable pedestrian to drivers. At night wear reflective clothing so that you can be seen by the drivers of vehicles.

20 If you feel you are being followed,
Indicate your suspicion by looking behind you. Cross the street, change directions and head to a well lit area. Go to a public place with people as soon as possible e.g. residence or academic building and call 911. If in immediate danger yell “Fire!” – attracts more attention. Call 911. Never confront a person who you think may be following you. Remember the locations of the emergency call phones on campus.

21 Walking To Your Vehicle & Driving Tips.
Have your keys ready to enter your vehicle, and check around and inside before entering. Be aware of foot traffic around you and report all suspicious activity. Drive with doors locked and windows up. When stopping behind a vehicle, leave sufficient space in front of you for an emergency escape. (see bottom of tires of vehicle ahead of you)

22 When parking your vehicle and exiting:
Park in a well-lighted and traveled lot or area if possible. Keep your vehicle well maintained Be cautious of surrounding obstructions or natural barriers that may be concealing a thief. Turn off the ignition and take the keys with you. Close all windows and lock all doors.

23 Escort Services Call 3540 and Pratt Officers will
provide and after hours escort.

24 When taking the bus

25 Bus Safety Tips Stay awake. Sit near driver if seat is available.
Know your route before you travel. Secure your belongings. Be aware of your surroundings.

26 Four Keys To Preventing Crime

27 Awareness Trust Your Instincts Plan Ahead Use Common Sense

28 Thank you. Be Safe, Be Aware
Thank you! Be Safe, Be Aware! Enjoy Living, Working, & Studying here at Pratt

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