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Bus Safety ! Everything YOU need to know, in alphabetical order!

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2 Bus Safety ! Everything YOU need to know, in alphabetical order!

3 A Always use the sidewalk when walking to and from the bus stop or school. If there is no sidewalk walk facing traffic.

4 B Be aware of traffic around you. Play it safe, dont wear headphones when close to traffic.

5 C Cross in front of the bus. Make sure the driver is aware that you are about to cross. Make eye contact with the driver.

6 D Dont play in the street while waiting on the bus. Do stay in a safe area.

7 E Enter the bus in a single file line. Dont push or play around.

8 F Face forward when seated on a bus. Stay this way until you are ready to get off the bus.

9 G Get to your bus stop at least five minutes before your bus is scheduled to arrive.

10 H Hold on to the handrail when you are entering or exiting the bus.

11 I If you miss the bus, call a trusted adult to carry you to school. Never ride with a stranger.

12 J Jaywalking is dangerous. You should only cross the street in designated spots. Sometimes it is important to cross at corners or crosswalks.

13 K Keep a safe distance from the bus while waiting on it to stop. Once the bus stops and the doors open, begin to move towards the bus.

14 L Loose draw strings or other strings should be secured so that they do not cause you to trip. Sometimes they may get tangled in handrails.

15 M Make sure to keep your hands to yourself.

16 N Never throw things while you are on the bus. Keep hands inside the windows at al times.

17 O Obey the rules of the bus. This will help you get to school safely.

18 P Practice positive behavior on and off the bus.

19 Q Quickly move to your seat and sit down. Next, follow the rules of the bus.

20 R Remember to look to the left and the right before stepping off of the bus and onto the road.

21 S Stay at least 10 feet from the road while waiting for the bus.

22 T Talk quietly while on the bus. Do not distract the driver.

23 U Use emergency exits only in the case of an emergency.

24 V Vacant lots or building should be avoided while walking to and from bus stops. Always use the buddy system.

25 W Wait for the proper signal before crossing to enter the bus.

26 X X marks the spot of a railroad crossing. It is important to be silent when approaching a railway crossing.

27 Y You should follow all of the rules of the bus driver. You can also make sure younger children are safe.

28 Z Zero tolerance is the key. Dont let anyone talk you into breaking a rule. Safety is important. Do your part.

29 Follow these rules and you are certain to be safe!

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