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Keeping Safe on Campus Stranger Danger By Andrew Wingfield Boise State University.

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1 Keeping Safe on Campus Stranger Danger By Andrew Wingfield Boise State University

2 Outside The Hall Know where the nearest Blue Light Phone is – These phones give you a direct link to Campus Security and Local Police (check this out for your campus) Walk in well lit areas If you must have headphones, leave one out – It is important that you hear your surroundings Walk with confidence – Attackers will prey on the vulnerable

3 Outside The Hall Stay in a group if possible If you must travel alone, think about calling Campus Security for an escort Keep important numbers in your cell phone and on speed dial – Family, Friends, Campus Security, and the RA On- Call Number for your building Avoid bushes and parked cars where a predator could be hiding

4 Entry Doors Follow your campus entry policy and do not let strangers into campus buildings Predators dont always look the part – A Predator could look like a college student that belongs in your hall – Just because they look like they belong doesnt always mean they do – If something makes you uneasy, call Security or the RAs NEVER PROP EXTERIOR DOORS OPEN

5 Once In Your Room Lock your door: – When you are home – When you are in the lounge – When you take a shower – When you leave to go to class – When you go to check your mail – ALWAYS If you carry your key and lock your door, it is harder to have items stolen

6 Once In Your Room Use the peephole when someone knocks Never open your door for a stranger If you notice someone you have never seen call the Front Desk or RA On Call Number Follow your gut – If something feels wrong it most likely is – Dont second guess yourself

7 Keeping Safe Starts With You There are more of you than there are Security Guards, Police Officers, and RAs You are the eyes and ears of the hall If you think something is off, you have the right to say something If you dont want to confront someone directly, call someone who is trained to do so

8 If You Lose It If you lose your ID: – Contact your (insert your campus info here) If you lose your room key: – Contact your (insert campus info here) These items will be a security hazard until taken care of Avoiding a fee is no reason to put your life, property, and the lives and property of others at risk

9 Important Numbers Campus Security – (Insert number) (Insert Hall Name) Front Desk – (Insert number) (Insert Hall Name) RA On Call Emergencies – Call 911 (insert campus info if appropriate)

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