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Personal Safety Community Education Specialist Mary Browning

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1 Personal Safety Community Education Specialist Mary Browning
Naperville Police Department

2 Objectives To learn techniques useful in keeping yourself and your property safe Personal safety at different locations

3 Who are Victims of Crime
Anybody Anywhere Any time More crimes of violence occurred during daylight hours than between 6pm and 6am (DOJ, 1998)

4 Crime Statistics 2014 Naperville
Personal Murder 1 Sexual Assault 10 Battery 84 Robbery 20 Property Theft 1416 Arson 3 Burglary 175 Motor Vehicle Theft 37

5 Crime Prevention Triangle
For a crime to occur there must be three elements present. Desire Ability Which one can we effect? Opportunity

6 Crime Prevention Triangle
For a crime to occur there must be three elements present. Desire Ability Which one can we effect? Opportunity

7 Personal Safety Make Yourself a Lousy Target!!!

8 Personal Safety Basic Rules
Make sure you tell someone where you are going and when you will be back Make sure that your office and family know your itinerary in detail! Stay in places where you can be seen and heard

9 Personal Safety Basic Rules cont. Be aware of your surroundings
Watch what is going on around you, including behind you Stay alert Trust your instincts If a situation makes you feel uncomfortable, leave or get away Avoid a situation instead of figuring how to get out of one

10 Personal Safety On the Street Stand tall, walk with confidence
Look like you own the place! Even in unfamiliar surroundings Know where you are going Avoid carrying lots of packages Stay on well-lit streets/areas-Avoid Isolated Areas Dress Appropriately Vary your route Don’t wear headphones Use the Buddy System

11 Personal Safety Parking Garage / Lot
Leave only an ignition key with the valet Avoid parking where you would exit your car next to the sliding door of a van Know/remember where you parked! Park under lights Have your key ready as you approach your car, be aware of your surroundings, and be watchful of others walking in garage Check the interior of your vehicle before entering

12 Personal Safety Going Home
Don’t jangle your keys. Leave them in purse, pocket until close to home Look at home as you approach. Are there doors open, lights on, windows open that look out of place? DO NOT ENTER if something looks wrong Walk away and call police

13 Personal Safety In Elevators
Don’t get into an empty elevator with a stranger If you feel uncomfortable for any reason..GET OFF Stand near the control panel. If attacked ring the alarm and hit as many floor buttons as possible. You don’t have to be polite!

14 Personal Safety If You Are Being Followed: Trust Your Instincts!
*Act Suspicious/Turn & Look *Change Directions Cross the street and head toward people If followed by car, turn around and walk in the opposite direction *Go to a Public Place *Act Outrageous

15 Cell Phones Keep it operational Keep it with you Know your location
Know appropriate emergency numbers

16 CALL 911 It’s that Simple

17 If It Happens If you are physically able and mentally ready, strike back if appropriate. Purse theft vs. sexual assault Remember that weapons could be taken and used against you Pepper spray, knives, etc

18 Mace, Pepper Spray (O.C.) Will it work? What is it?

19 Mace and O.C. Spray Mace and O.C. spray are chemicals that when sprayed on someone produce an extremely irritating reaction. Mace was made first, however not widely used anymore. Effectiveness is limited. O.C. spray very common, and “effective.” Used by police.

20 O.C. Oleoresin Capsicum Produces several undesirable effects.
Strong burning sensation Reaction can cause your eyes to close Reacts with the mucous membranes Long range. Some brands can shoot a burst 21 feet. Effective in many ways

21 O.C. consideration Any kind of weapon can be used against you. Knife, gun, keys, Mace, OC Spray NOTHING beats being a TOUGH TARGET

22 Any Questions? Call the Naperville Police Department

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