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Towson University Police Department

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1 Towson University Police Department
CAMPUS SAFETY Towson University Police Department Chief Bernard J. Gerst Associate Vice President Director of Public Safety (410) * E M E R G E N C Y* (410)

2 Towson University Police (TUPD) The Towson University Police Department is an organized law enforcement agency possessing the responsibility to provide a full range of police services on the campus of Towson University. All police officers in the department are police academy graduates and are fully certified by the Maryland Police Training Commission. In addition to providing protection and service to the University community, it is also their responsibility to enforce State and Local laws and campus regulations. TUPD is very friendly and will not hurt you! TUPD Headquarters is currently located in the General Services building, on Towson Town Blvd, across from Burdick Hall. For on campus emergencies call (410) For off campus emergencies call 911. *You may also visit for more information on personal safety tips, parking, the escort service, and crime alerts.*

3 Over 35 Sworn Police Officers

4 Narcotics Sniffer VERY FRIENDLY And……FILLMORE

5 Personal Safety Do not be afraid to contact the police if necessary!
Be aware of your surroundings. Report any and all suspicious activities to TUPD (410) If you see someone being victimized, contact TUPD. Remember locations and landmarks that are familiar to you around campus. REMEMBER: You are in a new and different culture and you may not understand the customs and signals that men and women give to each other. NEVER DO ANYTHING THAT MAKES YOU FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE!

6 Theft- theft is the taking of another person's property without that person's permission or consent with the intent to deprive the rightful owner of it. If someone tries to steal your wallet, car, bicycle, or anything of yours, NEVER RESIST! Do not argue, chase or try to fight! When the thief is gone and you are safe, call 911. Theft can occur in any country, but it is important to remember that in America, sometimes theft can be dangerous.

7 SEXUAL ASSAULT RAPE Rape/Sexual Assault is defined as sexual contact with another person without the consent of that person. It is never acceptable to use force in sexual situations. Date rape is a crime. You have the right to say “no” to any undesired sexual contact. If you feel unsafe or think you are at risk, leave the situation immediately. If you attend parties, be aware that alcohol and drugs interfere with a person’s ability to make clear decisions and communicate effectively. For more information on sexual assault, visit Towson University Counseling Center at

8 Bribery Bribery is offering money of gifts in order to influence someone. It is considered a serious offense, and is ILLEGAL in the United States. Never offer money to a police officer or other government official in order to have a fine or penalty reduced or eliminated.

9 Drinking and Driving Driving while drinking, drunk, or even slightly drunk is a serious crime. Many people who drive drunk have accidents and sometimes kill people. NEVER DRIVE AFTER YOU HAVE BEEN DRINKING! If a police officer stops you for drunken driving, you will pay a large fine and may lose your license. Whenever you are in a situation where there is alcohol, a “designated driver” should be chosen. A designated driver is a person who did not drink and who can drive his/her friends home safely. If you are with a group of people who have been drinking, including yourself, take a taxi home.

10 Top 10 Items Stolen On Campus

11 1. CELL PHONES 2. Laptops 3. Ipods/Ipads 4. Cash 5. Bicycles 6. Credit and Debit Cards 7. Jewelry 8. Materials for ID Theft 9. T.V’s


13 Why are textbooks being stolen?

14 Easy to get money!!


16 YOU!!!

17 How Can You Protect Yourself?
Keep your purse, wallet, keys, and other valuable items with you at all times. Check the identity of strangers who are in your office. Be discreet. Don’t advertise your social life or vacation plans on the internet or social networks. After hours, don’t work late alone. Don’t get into elevators with people who look out of place or behave in a strange manner. Log out after every use of your computer. Parking lots or garages- choose a well lit parking area. Always lock your car. When approaching your vehicle have your keys available.

18 Social Media

19 Search Engines


21 Emergency Phones Blue light phones Located throughout the campus
Emergency phones automatically dials University Police dispatch Emergency phones located in parking garages activate cameras at location

22 Walking Walk during daylight hours, if possible
If you wear headphones, make sure the volume is low Do not hitchhike, do not take a ride from a stranger. Do not walk at night alone Be aware of surroundings

23 410-704-SAFE (7233) Escort Service
Police provide escorts around campus 24 hours a day. Safe walk – Walk with someone from one location to the other Ride Van – Ride students from one location to the other SAFE (7233)

24 Online Personal Property Registration

25 Online Personal Property Registration
Available to students, faculty, and staff Register Electronics and non-electronics Free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Possible faster recovery if reported lost, or stolen

26 Online Personal Property Registration
Please visit University Police website, Crime Prevention and Reporting- Click the link Personal Property Registration

27 Operation ID Engravers are available to engrave valuables by request
Engrave driver’s license number on valuables Free of charge

28 Emergency Text Messaging

Rape Aggression Defense is a program of realistic self tactics and techniques. RAD is dedicated to teaching women defensive techniques against various types of assault, by utilizing easy, effective and proven self-defense techniques (410)

30 Safety Tips Do not carry extra credit cards or large sums of money
Always lock your door, even when you are home Do not attach your ID to your key chain or mark your keys with your name and address Travel in groups Let your friends and coworkers know your itinerary/plans Do not give out passwords

31 Public Transportation
When going downtown, always carry enough money for public transportation Call ahead for taxi service

32 Automatic Teller Machine (ATM)
Try to use the ATM during day Try to use ATM’s that are well-lighted, in high-traffic areas, and free of obstructions such as trees, bushes or columns Don’t talk to strangers when withdrawing your money

33 Cook Library Don’t leave your books and personal belongings unattended
Books are very expensive and very attractive to criminals

34 Parking Lot Safety Be aware of your surroundings
Try to park in well- lighted areas and get in and out of your car quickly Keep your vehicle doors locked and windows closed at all times Never leave items visible on your car seat Valuables left in plain view may tempt criminals to break into your car

35 Towson University Police
To report on-campus emergencies or suspicious situations (410)

36 Baltimore County Police
Contact for off campus emergencies Call 911

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