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English 7CP Mr. Snow The other day i went to san diego. it was really fun. The weather in the south of california was really nice, even though the weather.

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2 English 7CP Mr. Snow

3 The other day i went to san diego. it was really fun. The weather in the south of california was really nice, even though the weather channel app said it would be cool and cloudy. We drove for hours in my little ford focus until we reached the del mar fairgrounds. Then jared and i got into costume and prepared to run. I was dressed as president lincoln. He was a jungle explorer. It was called the r.o.c. race, and it was a blast. But don’t worry…we got home in time to celebrate mom yesterday.


5 * Capitalize the first word in a sentence and in a directly quoted sentence. * My dog knows several tricks. Does yours? * She said, “Don’t forget to bring your contributions for the bake sale.” Mr. Snow likes rotties.

6 * Capitalize the first word in both the greeting and closing of a letter. * Dear Service Manager: * Dear Emily, * Hey turkey-butt, * Sincerely, * With regards, * Your undying archnemesis,

7 * Capitalize the pronoun I. * This week I have to write two essays. * It is very common to leave I uncapitalized since you often type it that way when you text, but please don’t be a stooge! Why I oughtta… Just capitalize I, okay?!

8 * Capitalize proper nouns. * Central High School * But not high school * Saturday * But not day * Barack Obama * But not man or president * Cambodia * But not country * USS Nautilus * But not submarine

9 * Some proper nouns: * For each of these proper nouns, come up with 2 examples. * Persons * Animal names * Continents * Countries * Cities/Towns * States Mr. Snow likes the Zep.

10 * More proper nouns: * Islands * Bodies of water * Streets/Highways * Parks/Forests * Mountains* * Regions* * Other geographical names

11 * Words that indicate direction are only capitalized if they refer to a region. * I’m going to the Southwest this weekend. * She was facing east.

12 * Usually, the word the is not capitalized unless it’s part of the title. * He was known for hiking the Alps. * There are many problems in the Crimea region of Ukraine. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiicola!!!!!!!!

13 * More proper nouns: * Organizations * Teams * Institutions * Government bodies

14 * More proper nouns: * Historical events & periods * Special events * Calendar items and holidays* * Nationalities, races, & peoples*

15 * Do not capitalize seasons unless they are part of a proper name. * I am attending the Winter Festival. * I am attending a festival this winter. * The words black & white may be capitalized or left lower case when referring to race. Either way is fine.

16 * More proper nouns: * Businesses * Business product names* * Ship names* * Train names* * Aircraft names* * Spacecraft names*

17 * Specific products are capitalized; general products are not. * Ford Explorer is capitalized * Ford truck or Ford minivan is not. * Names of ships, trains, aircraft, and spacecraft are capitalized, but types of these are not. * Gemini 2 is capitalized. * spaceship is not. * iPod is capitalized that way, because Apple is dumb like that.

18 * MORE proper nouns: * Monuments * Memorials * Awards * Planets* * Stars * Constellations * Other heavenly bodies * Heavenly bodies does NOT refer to Ryan Gosling or Megan Fox, you little perverts.

19 * The word earth is only capitalized if you are referring to the name of the planet. * It is not capitalized if you mean ground. * We have to do all we can to save Earth. * The paper airplane crashed back to earth. * The gardener tilled the earth and planted bulbs. Mr. Snow likes Earth.

20 * And the last proper nouns: * Religions & followers * Holy days & celebrations * Sacred writings * Specific deities*

21 * *god and goddess are not capitalized if they refer to gods & goddesses of ancient mythology or religions w/ many gods. * (Sorry, Vishnu.) * Their names are always capitalized, though. Dude, whatever.

22 * Do not capitalize names of school subjects, except for language classes or those followed by numerals. * history, typing, algebra, math, physical education * English, Spanish, Art Appreciation I, Music III, History 101 Mr. Snow likes English.

23 * Capitalize proper adjectives. * A proper adjective is an adjective formed from a proper noun. * Greece  Greek theater * Mars  Martian moons * Darwin  Darwinian theory * Japan  Japanese anime

24 * Capitalize a person’s title when it comes before a name or when used as a direct address. * President Lincoln * Mrs. Oliver * Mayor Bradley * How is the squid pasta, Sir? * Have you managed to avoid jail time, Senator? * Don’t capitalize these words when they’re used with a or the or without a name. * The president, a senator, our mayor

25 * Capitalize a word showing family relationship when the word is used before or in place of a person’s name. * We expect Uncle Fred and Aunt Helen soon. * Both Mom and Dad work at the hospital. * Don’t capitalize these words when a possessive comes before. * We asked Pedro’s mother and his aunt Celia to be chaperones.

26 * Capitalize the first and last words and all important words in titles and subtitles. * Unimportant words: * Articles [a, an & the] * Coordinating conjunctions [and, but, or, for, nor, so, & yet] * Prepositions fewer than five letters [by, for, on, in, with, to, etc.] LOSER!

27 * For each type, come up with a good example: * Books * Chapters & parts of books * Magazines * Newspapers * Poems * Short Stories * Plays * Movies * TV Series

28 * For each type, come up with a good example: * Cartoons & comic strips * Music recordings * Computer/video games * Works of art * Musical compositions * Historical documents Shampoo! Dog food! Diapers! Bananas! Hang on…this isn’t the Magna Carta…

29 FIN Mr. Snow’s class likes this part.

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