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Oh boy! Do you have an enormous amount of rules to learn!

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1 Oh boy! Do you have an enormous amount of rules to learn!

2 Capitalization Rules Capitalize the 1st word in every sentence Example: Did you have a fun filled weekend? We are having a party this Friday night. Capitalize the pronoun I Example: This week I have to get back into the swing of things. I had a great time at your birthday party. Capitalize proper nouns Example: ET Booth Middle School Saturday Lassie Capitalize names of people Example: Donny Smith Winnie the Pooh Amy Lampman Carson Garrett Capitalize geographical names Example: Denmark Miami West Virginia Isle of Pines Dr. Amazon River Main Street Capitalize teams, organizations, businesses, & institutions, & gov. bodies Example: Dallas Cowboys Gap Girl Scouts Westwood Hospital United Nations Capitalize historical events, calendar items, & special events Example: Age of Reason January Wednesday Texas State Fair Capitalize the names of nationalities, races, & people Example: Caucasian Mexican Nigerian Capitalize the name of ships, trains, airplanes, & spacecraft Example: Queen Elizabeth II Orient Express Air Force One Sputnik

3 1. “we attend et booth in cherokee county,” said Mrs. loiselle. 2. our team name is resaca; other team names are toccoa and silver city. 3.”On friday night we will watch the etowah eagles take on the woodstock wolverines,”mentioned jane, paul, and susie.

4 More Capitalization Rules Capitalize brand names Example Nike shoes Tide detergent Puffs Capitalize the name of buildings, monuments, & awards Example: World Trade Center Nobel Prize Washington Monument Capitalize religions, holy days, sacred writings, & specific deities Example: Judaism Easter Bible God Jehovah Capitalize planets, stars, & heavenly bodies Example: Milky Way Earth Venus Ursa Major Big Dipper Capitalize proper adjectives Greek theater Japanese tea ceremony Spanish rice Capitalize languages & school subjects w/ course numbers Example: English Spanish French Algebra II Biology 101 Capitalize titles of names Example: President Lincoln Mrs. Wiles Mayor Bradley Dr. Jones Aunt Jennifer Mom Dad Capitalize important words in books, magazines, newspapers, poems, short stories, movies, television programs, art work, & musical compositions Example: America the Beautiful USA Today

5 1. the president awarded him a purple heart for his service in world war II. 2. “The university of alabama will play auburn at the end of the season, “ announced Amy, “ i am sure the fans will have tide boxes to show their spirit.” 3. Tonight mom and dad will go to the japanese steak house for dinner and then to parkway point theater to see the wizard of oz.


7 Capitalization Rules

8 More Capitalization Rules

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