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Worldwide Career Services. Welcome To Worldwide Career Services Are you a future student, current student or an ERAU alumni? We are dedicated to provide.

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1 Worldwide Career Services

2 Welcome To Worldwide Career Services Are you a future student, current student or an ERAU alumni? We are dedicated to provide you access to the best career resources which will empower you to excel in the global employment market! Contact us today to: Create a Career Strategy plan Create your EagleHire profile Submit and review your professional resume or cover letter Schedule an appointment for orientation of networking resources Explore co-op/internship options Schedule mock interview video sessions Explore career opportunities (including international jobs)

3 Career Resources - Strategy Review Your Options Special Resources Career Preparation Networking Resources Co-op/Internships EagleHire EagleHire: Set up your profile and submit a resume Co-op/internship Opportunities providing academic and real-work experience Networking Resources target employers, alumni and use the LinkedIn system Career Preparation: See the Resource section in EagleHire Special Resources available for unique student groups, including international students, veterans, career changers, etc.

4 Key To Successful Job Search: Create a Career Strategy Checklist…Early See the checklist form available on our web page

5 Starting Point - EagleHire Set Up EagleHire Icon on Homepage Login to ERNIE, click on gear icon ☼ in upper right hand corner Find EagleHire Student/Alumni entry, check the box Save changes Create EagleHire Profile Login to ERNIE, click on EagleHire Go to My Account, then My Profile Update personal info, demographic info, skills and additional info sections Save to confirm updates Recommend also “Allow Employer Viewing” option

6 Why should EagleHire be the starting point in your career strategy? Provides career management platform for ERAU students/alumni to initiate search for employment Provides resume review Provides job postings for co-op/internships Provides job postings for part-time and full-time career opportunities

7 What are co-op / internships and why should I be interested? Academic/work experience opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, usually for University credit purposes Provide students with valuable experience to link academic performance with practical application in the work place Greatly enhances career potential and reduces transition time to employment after graduation Builds and strengthens key relationships between ERAU and corporate, industry, and government partners

8 Co-op / Internship Requirements Undergraduate eligibility: Active full-time student in degree seeking program Cumulative 2.5+ GPA Completed 30 overall credit hours (to include 12 ERAU credit hours) Maximum of three (3) co-ops Graduate eligibility: Active full-time student in degree seeking program Cumulative 3.0+ GPA Completed 9 ERAU credit hours prior to start of internship Limited to only 1 internship opportunity

9 What do I need to know when looking for a co-op or internship opportunity and want to apply for University credit? Credit Hours and Tuition Co-op applicants (UG): 300 work hrs = 3 credit hours Internship applicants (GR): 600 work hrs = 3 credit hours Applicant tuition = Cost of 1 credit hour per 3 credits earned Approval Requirement Student may find and submit “self-created” job opportunities to our office “Self-created” jobs must be submitted a minimum of 30 days prior to start date to be approved for university credit

10 International students need to be aware of the following: If working in the USA… International students applying for co- op/internships in the USA must be approved for University credit The co-op/internship must be directly related to current degree program International students must contact the ERAU Worldwide International Advisor ( with employment details to update student visa to CPT If working in Home Country… If employment opportunity location is outside of USA, international students are not required to take co-op/internship for University credit All co-op/internships taken for University credit should be related to the current degree program

11 What other career resources are available? Visit ERAU Career Services page and EagleHire (Resource Library tab) for 24/7 access to Networking Resources Career Services LinkedIn: Posted weekly career opportunities and relevant career services-related articles. Alumni LinkedIn: LinkedIn resource for ERAU students and alumni to identify companies within local geographical areas where ERAU alumni are currently employed

12 Networking Strategies Special Resources: Student/alumni resources for veterans, applicants with disabilities, GRE and special exam preparation, federal employment, as well as PhD and international job seekers, etc. Resource Guides: Templates on various topics including social media, research references, etc. Professional Organizations International Student Resources: Resources for H1Visa jobs, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, International Job Fairs

13 Career Search Resources Hiring Events: ERAU-sponsored hiring events in U.S., as well as information on additional career fairs within U.S. and employer websites to learn about specific hiring needs CareerShift: Extensive job search engine for ERAU students/alumni for access and in-depth information primarily for U.S. jobs and companies. Ability to create personal marketing campaigns. Also located in EagleHire under Resource Library tab GoinGlobal: Primary international resource tool which provides expert advice and insider tips for finding employment opportunities abroad in country- specific locations. Also located in EagleHire.

14 International Job Search Resource GoinGlobal (located in EagleHire) Country Career Guides USA/Canada City Career Guides px px

15 Career Preparation Resources How to organize and prepare for success Job Search Tool Kit Career Self-Assessment Tools Resume and Cover Letter Guide InterviewStream (video interactive interview system) Salary Negotiation Tips

16 Need Assistance? Please contact the Worldwide Career Services Office: 386-226-6092 386-226-4911

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