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Career culture Class of 2012 survey results Career Success Plan Internships CI student experience Parents’ role GW Career Success.

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2 Career culture Class of 2012 survey results Career Success Plan Internships CI student experience Parents’ role GW Career Success

3 The George Washington University’s distinguished career culture empowers its students and alumni to translate their world-class academic and co-curricular experiences at the university into a lifetime of productive and engaged citizenship. This culture: Enhances knowledge in action Educates students and alumni about career management skills Supports and extends GW’s worldwide and lifelong community Is embedded throughout GW’s academic and co-curricular offerings GW Career Culture

4 Career Success: Class of 2012 Employment/graduate school 84%  Employed full/part-time 63%  Attending graduate school 20%  Military <1%  Self-employed <1% Volunteer/Gap year activity 5% Other activity/undecided 4% Seeking employment 6% Does not add to 100% due to rounding


6 Individual “My Career Success Plan” Developmental core competencies Foundational and advanced outcomes Track successes and accomplishments Career Success Plan

7 My Career Success Plan Competencies

8 Identify strengths and skills Explore personality, interests, and values ************************************************* Market strengths and skills to industry employers Apply prior work experience and academics to job choices and applications Self Knowledge

9 Engage in on and off campus experiences: student employment and Federal Work Study positions, community service, student organizations, and internships ************************************************* Apply to and obtain internships and jobs that are related to industry of interest and career goals Expand leadership roles on and off campus Leadership

10 Create LinkedIn profile Review and update personal online presence Use online resources to access pre-professional opportunities ***************************************************** Enhance LinkedIn profile Independently apply to internships and jobs Compile and manage resources, contacts, and events in target industries Evaluate other online resources for credibility/reliability Digital

11 Observe, learn, and practice verbal and non-verbal communication in the workplace Effectively manage time, set goals, and execute tasks ************************************************** Develop personal and professional etiquette skills Learn about organizational structure and resources Learn about ethics in the work place Workplace & Interpersonal Skills

12 Link assessed career interests, majors, personality, skills, and values to industry areas Identify potential career options and occupations ************************************************* Interact with employers and build a network in industry of interest Learn industry hiring and promotion practices Occupations & Industries

13 Build basic internship and job search materials Create resumes and cover letters that highlight strengths and academic and co-curricular activities ************************************************* Refine application materials to targeted industry employers that highlight relevant skills and experiences Application Materials

14 Learn how to network effectively Join existing student and professional groups related to career interests ************************************************ Build and maintain relationships with individuals and groups of interest Conduct informational interviews with alumni and other professionals Networking

15 Learn and practice basic interviewing strategies ************************************************* Develop advanced interviewing skills: incorporate key words and skill sets specific to industry of interest Learn and practice various types of interviewing: Behavioral-Based, Case Interviews Interviewing

16 First Year (not yet) – Focus on self knowledge and leadership skills through: student employment/Federal Work Study, community service, student groups, and organizations Sophomore, Junior, Senior year – One semester +, quality better than quantity, skills to be developed – Credit (or not) paid (or not) – Knowledge in Action Career Internship Fund – Percentage of GW students who have done an internship? Internships

17 GWork

18 CI Student Experience Self Knowledge – Identify personality types – Fun buttons Industry clusters with internship and employer information Student employment and FWS

19 Self Identification Exercise Personality Types (Refer to handout for descriptions) Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, Conventional Industry Clusters Business, Economics Science, Technology, Engineering, Math Education, Training, Social Services Public Policy, Law, Government, International Affairs & Development Health Sciences, Nursing, Medicine, Public Health Arts, Media, Communication

20 Helping Your Student  Share your knowledge and experiences  Encourage exploration and reflection – wear your buttons! Helping GW  GWAA LinkedIn group  Hire GW: internship and employment opportunities  Industry expos and networking events Getting Involved  Office of Parent Services Partnership Parents Facilitate Career Success, too!

21 Colonial Crossroads – Marvin Center 505 202.994.6495 Pick up your buttons and enjoy! Questions?


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