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Objectives: State why teen relationships are important

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1 Reproductive Health Building Responsible Relationships Chapter 19: pages 456-468
Objectives: State why teen relationships are important List positive characteristics to look for in a dating partner Describe appropriate dating behavior State two things you can do to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner Summarize the benefits of abstinence

2 Motivation List your standards or qualities you look for in finding the right person. What types of behavior would a date have to exhibit before you decided not to go on a second date with someone? State three risk factors for teen sexual activity. What can teens do to avoid these factors?

3 Do Now Write one page describing what you think an ideal date would be like. Discuss details such as where you would go and what you would do in your community.

4 Discussion Questions Define dating.
Why are teen relationships important? Why do teens date? What is a benefit of dating? What are possible problems of dating? List five Do’s and Don’ts of dating.

5 Building Responsible Relationships
Healthy relationships develop gradually and can exist on many levels of closeness. Initial attraction Friendship Close friendship Two people get to know each other’s values and feelings and enjoy doing things together. This is considered “dating”. Deep friendship The two people confide in, trust, and support each other. This is considered “going steady”. Lifelong love Two people feel they can commit to each other for life. This relationship may lead to marriage. Think of a personal relationship that is current or past. What path did the relationship follow?

6 Teen Relationships Are Important
Forming own identity Reasons for dating Get to know each other/develop friendships Find companionship and support Explore future characteristics Benefits of dating Find out differences in people/to whom you relate most easily Resolve disagreements and communicate more effectively Enrich your life by providing support during challenging times Possible problems of dating Engage in risky behaviors, such as sexual activity Developing healthy relationships Treat people with respect/be treated with respect

7 Finding the Right Person
Looking for the right person (quality of the person’s character) Is unselfish Treats others well Is tolerant and respectful Has similar morals and values Is fun to be with Respects himself or herself Avoiding the wrong person If the person hurts you emotionally and physically, do not date that person. A relationship cannot grow and survive without mutual respect. Avoid people who are jealous, possessive, manipulative, arrogant, and disloyal. Being the right person Be a good friend or dating partner (a person of integrity and character).

8 Appropriate Dating Behavior
Dating in groups Reduces pressure to engage in risky behaviors Acting appropriately Treat others the way you want to be treated Following the rules Respect parental boundaries Ending relationships Know when and how to breakup

9 Benefits of Abstinence The conscious decision not to participate in sexual activity and the skills to support that decision. Teens have enough to juggle in their lives (good relationships, good health, self-respect, and future goals) without having to deal with the stress of being sexually active. Staying true to your personal values Avoiding risk/worry of becoming pregnant or being infected with a sexually transmitted disease Less complicated relationships Better reputation among peers Allowing time to develop the maturity need to make important decisions What other factors might influence teens to remain sexually abstinent?

10 Closure Describe the type of person you would like to have as a friend and the type of person you would like to have as a dating partner. Are the two types similar? Make a list of steps you can take to maintain healthy dating relationships.

11 Extended Practice Watch two different television programs that portray teens. Write a paragraph for each program explaining whether the teens in these programs are making responsible decisions regarding relationships and possible sexual activity.

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