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Sustaining your wellbeing strategy by engaging your staff 26 th March 2014.

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1 Sustaining your wellbeing strategy by engaging your staff 26 th March 2014

2 Hertfordshire Workplace Pilot  Have been supporting the Hertfordshire Public Health Workplace Pilot since 2013  To date, 60 employees have been trained to become Workplace Health Champions in Hertfordshire.

3 Hertfordshire Workplace Pilot  All face to face training events for Workplace Health Champions are bespoke to meet the individual requirements of workplaces  Take into account specific health and wellbeing priorities within individual workplaces.

4  Support workplace wellbeing strategy  Identify health improvement needs  Provide brief advice  Signpost people into health improvement services. The Role of the Workplace Health Champion

5  Point of contact  Provide regular up to date information  Participate in local and national health campaigns  Create a dedicated health area or notice board  Liaise with BITC and Public Health  Provide information when requested. Responsibilities

6 Workplace Health Champion Training  One day training session covering:  Public health challenges  The role of the Health Champion  Key messages when promoting health and wellbeing  Overcoming barriers to communication and behavioural change  Action planning  Short assessment to achieve the RSPH Level 2 Award in Understanding Health Improvement.

7 Agenda What is health? Communicating effectively Promoting health and wellbeing Changing behaviour to improve health

8 RSPH Qualification  Assessment consists of 30 multiple choice questions – pass mark is 20 out of 30  Level 2 Award in Understanding Health Improvement  Gold standard for Health Champions.

9 Key benefits seen by organisations so far...  Engagement of key staff  Spreading the word  Inspiring others from different areas within an organisation.

10 What organisations thought about the training...  Helped get HR on board, which was a key objective  Getting the word out about the organisation’s health and wellbeing strategy ‘The Champions training has really helped give our wellbeing programme more life’

11 What the Workplace Champions thought...  Informative and very well delivered, lots of information and idea sharing  Provided great ideas on how to promote and communicate messages  Really enjoyed the event, found it engaging and great that we get a qualification from it.

12 What the Workplace Champions thought...  Very knowledgeable session, a good introduction to workplace wellbeing  Excellent, gave me great ideas and the motivation to go back into my workplace to promote healthier lifestyles and support people

13 What are Workplace Health Champions doing?  Supporting national health promotion campaigns  Dedicated healthy living notice boards  Encouraging staff to become more active  Promoting healthier eating and increasing the availability of healthier food options in workplaces.

14 Workplace Health Champion Training 23 rd April 2014  Free training funded through Public Health Hertfordshire  9.30am – 4.00pm  Beales Hotel, Hatfield  For more information or to book a place, email:

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