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Cherwell DC Sportivate. 16 – 18 year olds 16 – 18 year olds – Gym Project – Young people targeted through HofPE currently not participating in extra curricular.

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1 Cherwell DC Sportivate

2 16 – 18 year olds 16 – 18 year olds – Gym Project – Young people targeted through HofPE currently not participating in extra curricular activities. 8 week programme as a group after school Varied 8 week programme including tasters of different activities Gym, Spinning, Body Combat, Swimming. Personal development plan from Gym instructor Incentive – Attend 7 out of 8 sessions receive FREE month membership to use in own time + reduced 12 month membership

3 18 – 25 year olds Gym – 8 weeks £2 a session flexible to participants. Offer entitles participants to attend gym, swimming and classes at times that fit in with lifestyle. Personal plan to help achieve goals, meet gym instructors Review of plan after 4 weeks, Regular gym challenges Attend 7 weeks out of 8 receive FREE month membership and reduced 12 month membership Goodie Bag (£20 in-kind Parkwood) – Towels, Goggles, Swim vouchers

4 18 – 25 year olds Golf – Group sessions from companies at convenient times – Shift patterns fit in with lifestyle 8 weeks of progressive group sessions learning basics of golf Incentive – Attend 7 sessions and receive 7 step tuition programme at times that fit around work Rush Hockey – Group sessions at Hockey Clubs linked to training nights Target local businesses, retail parks, supermarkets Once participants attend 7 out of 8 sessions receive heavily reduced membership into club

5 Project Results Gym 16 – 18 – Over 80 pupils participated with 60 being retained attending 7 weeks – Pupils now being tracked to see if continuing to use membership. Feedback was great from pupils - Project has made them aware of local leisure centre and comfortable in this environment. “Loved Spinning, I never thought would be able to do an hour! Chris and Nicki were great and really encouraged me. I will defiantly be continuing at Bicester” James – 17 “Had no idea before how to use gym equipment and am now hooked, will be going regularly when I get to University” Nehir 17

6 Project Results Gym 18 – 25 – Over 170 participated with over 130 retained ( 7 out of 8 sessions attended). Participants now be tracked to see if have joined as member after FREE membership Golf Drayton GC, Banbury, – 45 participants in groups attended 31 participants retained. 7 participants have so far taken out membership at club Rush Hockey Bicester HC – Over 40 participants attended sessions with 8 now transitioned into the clubs league teams

7 Reasons for Success Consultation – Speaking with local partners, clubs and leisure providers and seeing where gaps are in provision. Sportivate funding great incentive for clubs to help with gaps in age groups, gender etc. Targeted Approach / promotion- 18 – 25 year olds. We really targeted the workplaces that had a high % of employees in this age group, Supermarkets, Retail, Shift work. Benefits for Employer – Taster Health Days at Supermarkets were a good way of promoting projects along with explaining benefits of a healthy workplace. Gives coach / lead a chance to meet potential participants which offers familiar face on 1 st session

8 Reasons for Success Partnerships – Working in partnership with Clubs, Leisure Provider, Schools, CSP and workplaces was key reason for success. Partners would take ownership of projects, offering in-kind financial support, drive project, making participants feel part of club / leisure centre, Staff ensuring that the whole club / leisure centre understand project from Reception / 1 st point of call – Centre manager.

9 Reasons for Success Exit Routes / Incentives – Ensuring that there are good sustainable exit routes available to Sportivate participants linked to activity. Great Coach / Lead – We crucially had great coaches leading the projects and being the first point of call for participants. The main reason for people coming back is due to their first experience at Club and Gym. The lead also made them feel part of the club and not so scary to transition into club / leisure centre along with really driving promotion of project.

10 Benefits for Cherwell DC Partnerships – Sportivate projects have led to working with new partners which may not have been formed without sportivate projects. Partnerships with existing partners have been made stronger due to working together ( Parkwood) and this has led to many projects forming as a result of Sportivate work. Cherwell DC Coroporate objectives – Helped to contribute to objectives such as “Safe & Healthy District” & “District of Opportunity” by increasing opportunities in the district for targeted young people and encourage a healthy lifestyle Sport Dev Budget – Delivering projects that are benefitting the district through external funding.

11 Benefits for Cherwell DC Sport Clubs – Increased relationship with local clubs and made great links for future work and new development groups that previously were not there. Gave Cherwell greater insight into local clubs needs / priorities Increased Provision - Sportivate has massively increased the provision of sport and activities in Cherwell DC. Projects have enabled clubs to attract new members, Leisure Centres to target difficult age groups and new satellite and clubs (basketball, archery) have been developed as a result of sportivate funding.

12 Future from Sportivate Projects Sustainability – Now clubs and Leisure providers see the benefit of incentivised opportunities these will now become integral part of Leisure Centre / Club without Sportivate Funding Partnership work – Continue great partnership work as a result of Sportivate projects and work together in other projects together to achieve combined outcomes. Continue Business promotions and partnerships. Increase Provision - Increased provision of sustainable activities especially for 18 – 25 year olds will continue due to success of projects

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