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An Organic Biopesticide for HydroFarm Customers

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1 An Organic Biopesticide for HydroFarm Customers
For Broad Spectrum Insect & Mite Control on Food and Non Food Indoor,Outdoor & Hydroponic Crops

2 Major Active Ingredients of the Product
OCH3 OCH3 HO O O O OH OH O O O O OH OH O O OH OH O O CH3O CH3O O O O O O O Azadirachtin A Azadirachtin B

3 Special Product Qualities
Made with NEEMAZAL Technical of EID Parry as a.i. Product has 1.2% Azadirachtin A & B a.i. Product has 2.8% diverse Bioactive Tetranortriterpenoids Made of 100% Natural formulation Ingredients or Inerts Emulsifiable concentrate with no Odor for indoor use comfort No Solvents and hence no irritability for indoor use comfort Controls Broad spectrum of Insect & Mite pests Certified by Multinational organic certifications - US-OMRI, USDA, IMO-Switzerland, RIOA-Switzerland, BFA-Australia

4 Distinctive Qualities over other Azadirachtin Products
• A formula that help low use rates to save user costs • An UV protective formula to give more days of pest control • Easy leaf absorption for better sucking pest control • Easy root absorption in drip for systemic pest control • Free from plant growth affecting Neem oil & Esters • Does not freeze in cold weather unlike other products • Special product which can store up to months • Pleasant smelling and irritation free formula for indoor use comfort

5 What is the method of Pest Control? Reduces Pest Egg Laying
Stops Pest from Growing Stops Pest from eating Produce Deformities in pests Stops Pest Resistance Stops Pest Reproduction Disturbs Overall Growth & Survival Reduces Pest Egg Laying Reduces Pest Egg & Immature Survival

6 Azatrol Target Pests in Indoor & Outdoor Plants
What Pests does it control? All Aphids All Caterpillars All Mites All Leafminers & Fungus Gnats, Flies Azatrol Target Pests in Indoor & Outdoor Plants All Whiteflies & Psyllids All Scales & Mealy bugs All Thrips & True bugs All Beetles & Weevils

7 How Different from Insecticides on method of Pest control ?
Do not expect instant knock down from Azatrol- but pests stop damaging plants right after spray. Do not expect dead bugs next day - but pests die of starvation and growth failure in hours to few days. Azatrol meets the objective of pest management: which is stopping crop damage instantly without affecting natural enemies and environment.

8 Usage Recommendations
Screen sensitive flower plants for phytotoxicity Apply soon after pest notice - with Foliar or Drip use Apply every 3- 5 days under high pest pressure Apply every 7-10 days under low pest pressure A spray solution pH of 5.5 – 7.0 is suggested Use enclosed Foliar & Drip use charts for rates Use rate chart range to increase spray volume with corresponding product volume for good coverage Integration of Foliar & Drip use is suggested Prepare spray mixes when required and do not store We support product rotation & sustainable methods

9 Azatrol Rate for High Pest Incidence
Rate Chart for Chemigation / Drip Uses Food and Non Food Indoor and Outdoor Plants Container Capacity Azatrol Rate for High Pest Incidence 10 gallons 1 oz 20 gallons 2 oz 30 gallons 3 oz 40 gallons 4 oz 50 gallons 5 oz 60 gallons 6 oz 70 gallons 7 oz 80 gallons 8 oz 90 gallons 9 oz 100 gallons 10 oz Suggestions : Use half product rate indicated above in case of low pest pressure Apply at 7 days intervals. Do not exceed 57 oz/ acre/ application.

10 Product Benefits for Customers
Azatrol controls all Insect & Mite pests Azatrol does not allow Insect Resistance Azatrol is a “Caution” label Organic product Azatrol has a 4 Hr- Reentry Restriction Interval Azatrol does not require Pre Harvest Interval for food crops when not using > 57 oz / acre/application Azatrol treated food crops are Residue Exempt Azatrol can be used up to the Day of Harvest Azatrol is safe to Users, Consumers and Environment

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