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Disarm®O Fungicide “Broad-spectrum control of foliar and soil-borne diseases”

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2 Disarm®O Fungicide “Broad-spectrum control of foliar and soil-borne diseases”

3 Disarm® O Active Ingredient: Fluoxastrobin Formulation: Suspension Concentrate – 4lbs Active Ingredient per gallon Chemical Class: Strobilurin Chemical Family: Quinone outside inhibitors(QOI) MOA Group: 11 REI: 12hrs Signal Word: Caution Case Size: 8 x 8 fl. oz.

4 Disarm® O Why another strobilurin? – In addition to being translaminar, Disarm O is upwardly xylem systemic. – Demonstrated superior performance on soil- borne diseases vs. other strobilurin chemicals. – Opportunity for a vegetable label. Vegetable Use Label Pending

5 Disarm® O Labeled Use Sites: Greenhouse Field and Container Nurseries Retail Nurseries Interiorscapes

6 Disarm® O Currently labeled for use on a wide range of ornamental plants. Pending registrations for use on Greenhouse grown vegetables.

7 Disarm® O Diseases Controlled Flower Blights – Anthracnose blight – Botrytis blight Aerial phytophthora Soil Borne Diseases – Rhizoctonia – Sclerotium – Fusarium – Phytophthora – Pythium* Leaf Blights/Spots – Ascochyta spp. – Alternaria Leaf Spot – Anthracnose – Cercospora Leaf Spot – Downy Mildew – Myrothecium Leaf Spot – Septoria Leaf Spot Powdery Mildew Rusts *Registration pending

8 Disarm® O Application and Rates* – Foliar Rate: 1 to 4 fl. oz. / 100 gal. for most diseases controlled. 4 – 8 fl. oz. for select diseases. May also be applied as a directed Crown and Surface spray application. – Drench Rate:.15 -.6 fl. oz. / 100 gal. Consult label for specific drench instructions – Use sufficient water for thorough and uniform coverage. – Use of a non-ionic surfactant my enhance coverage of hard to wet foliage. *Consult Disarm® O container label prior to application for full use instructions.

9 Disarm® O Broad spectrum xylem systemic (upward) fungicide for control of certain diseases in production ornamentals. Works by interfering with respiration in plant- pathogenic fungi and is a potent inhibitor of spore germination and mycelial growth. The active ingredient moves rapidly into green tissue via translaminar and xylem movement as a foliar spray. Rainfast in 15 minutes.

10 Disarm® O Disarm O can also be taken up via the plants root system where it is translocated through the xylem. Xylem translocation provides internal inhibition of fungal growth and protects the plant from new infections.

11 Disarm® O Resistance Management – User should apply Disarm O as part of a resistance management strategy program that includes rotations with other fungicides with different modes of action. Restrictions – Do not apply more than 2.2 lbs of A.I. per acre per year.

12 Disarm® O Disarm OTerrazole L AlietteFenStop Phytophthora Rotation

13 Disarm® O Effective broad-spectrum foliar and soil disease control. Fast-acting translaminar and upward systemic activity. Rainfast within 15 minutes. Preventative and Curative Activity.


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