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Go Mobile or Fall Behind. Gary Richmond – VP, Sales & Account Management.

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1 Go Mobile or Fall Behind

2 Gary Richmond – VP, Sales & Account Management

3 Confidential and Proprietary | 3 Agenda :Mobile Trends :Types of Mobile Advertising :Driving Local Mobile Results :Expectations of Performance :Q & A

4 Confidential and Proprietary | 4 Driving Sales Leads vs. Fund Raising :Much of the materials I will talk about today is slanted towards business driving local sales leads, however… :This same approach, executed with a skilled ad agency, can be successfully utilized for fund raising including: –Proper media selection –Skilled targeting o Demographic o Geographic o Behavioral patterns –Gaining visibility and mind share for your charity –Tracking results and determining effective investments of your marketing dollars

5 Mobile Trends

6 Confidential and Proprietary | 6 The Mobile Marketplace :Last year, the U.S. become a multi-platform majority. The majority of digital consumers used both desktop and mobile devices every month :Around the same time, mobile surpassed desktop in terms of digital media engagement :Just this year another milestone was reached, where now the majority of all digital media time spent occurs on mobile apps :Despite this app engagement, they have not attracted the advertising dollars its audience warrants comScore – The U.S. Mobile App Report - 2014

7 Confidential and Proprietary | 7 Why Mobile? :The average adult looks at their phone 41.5 times per day :This jumps to 109 times for young adults :Research shows it takes a person 26 hours to report a missing wallet, but it takes just 68 minutes to report a missing phone Pew Internet & American Life Project, 2013

8 Confidential and Proprietary | 8 Mobile and Local: Where are We Now? :More and more leads are coming from mobile :Up to 50% of mobile search is local compared to 20% on desktop May 2014 (70% smartphone penetration)

9 Confidential and Proprietary | 9 73% of mobile searches trigger additional action and conversions Mobile Search Drives Valuable Outcomes

10 Confidential and Proprietary | 10 Top Activities for Mobile Shoppers Source: xAd Inc. 2013 :70% of mobile searches result in a CALL to the business

11 Confidential and Proprietary | 11 Mobile is Key in Consumer Decision Journey for Local Bing Key to fundraising

12 Mobile Products

13 Confidential and Proprietary | 13 Types of Mobile Advertising – Mobile Marketing Association :Mobile Web Banners :Text Messaging –SMS – Short Messaging Services –MMS – Multimedia Messaging (not yet fully supported) o Text with a link that resides on your phone :Mobile Video & TV Ad Breaks :Mobile App –Banner –Interstitial Ad –Rich Media Mobile Ad

14 Confidential and Proprietary | 14 Mobile Search and Display Advertising :Priority placement across a premium network :Search advertising –Pay-per-call OR pay-per-click campaign :Display advertising –Pay-per-click campaign only :A blended campaign of both Search and Display –Pay-per-click or CMP (pay per thousand impressions) campaign SearchDisplay Standard and Advanced Targeting Capabilities Target Keywords Location Device Publishers Time of Day Proprietary Ad Scoring

15 Confidential and Proprietary | 15 How Location is Determined

16 Confidential and Proprietary | 16 Mobile Search Advertising

17 Confidential and Proprietary | 17 Mobile Display Advertising :Ability to dynamically render creative based on the consumers actual location –Eliminates the need to develop custom creative for each business location –Allows the most relevant location to be displayed :HTML5 banner creative allows immediate engagement with the ad via click-to-call or click to a mobile optimized landing page –Distance from the business appears within the ad :Patented ad serving technology –Identify hot spots of activity for specific searches at the specific location(s), time of day, days of week etc. when activity is at its highest

18 Confidential and Proprietary | 18 Local Mobile Landing Pages Click-to-call Offer / Call-to- Action Prominent logo image * Ability to change image for a nominal fee Integration of user reviews Map & driving directions Business address and link to main website Click-to additional details such as company description and detailed review data

19 Mobile Performance Measurement

20 Confidential and Proprietary | 20 Measuring Success :Identify key performance indicators (KPIs) prior to campaign launch –Typically measuring secondary actions o Calls o Landing page visits o Volume of donors generated by ad o Visits o Map and directions downloads :Measure and optimize to meet KPIs throughout the campaign :Learn from your efforts –Study and understand the analytics

21 Confidential and Proprietary | 21 More Info 5% More Info 5% Other 1% Other 1% xAd 2013 Top Secondary Actions of Locally Targeted Mobile Display :A secondary action can be defined as any activity that happens after the click :In mobile advertising, true engagement with the viewer starts with the next activity post-click

22 Confidential and Proprietary | 22 Mobile Summary :Mobile as an advertising medium is still immature but developing rapidly :Mobile can provide significant targeting capabilities :You should seek the support of the experts to avoid wasting marketing budgets :Understand what you want to gain from utilizing mobile advertising in your media mix

23 Questions

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