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© Creafi Online Media Mobile.

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1 © Creafi Online Media Mobile

2 Creafi Online Media Mobile, is an advertising agency specialised in mobile internet marketing which offers personalised solutions nationally and internationally focused in obtaining the best possible returns for our customer's campaigns Our team is characterised by the dedication we apply to each of our advertisers to offer continuous support and optimization as well as positive results for all their campaigns. We accompany our clients throughout the whole advertising campaign process, maintaining close collaboration with reports, optimization options, parallel campaign possibilities and design changes for new creatives. WHO WE ARE © Creafi Online Media Mobile

3 Blogs Forums Operators Consumers Media Agencies Brands Apps Developers Publishers Brands Consumers Web Sites Owners Operators Aggregators Real-time reporting & analytics Web based marketplace Ad sales and inventory management Comprehensive targeting Campaign management AdMarketplace © Creafi Online Media Mobile

4 3,000+190 3,000+ publishers delivering a global audience across 190 countries Billions 2 Billions of page impressions per month 2,600+ advertising campaigns per month 98% Up to 98% fill rates for Publishers High CTR for Advertisers Best of breed mobile advertising technology Global & country specific inventory and campaigns OUR GLOBAL MOBILE ADVERTISING ADMARKETPLACE © Creafi Online Media Mobile

5 Publisher reports Snapshot report By campaign By site and app By creative By location Key metrics available on each report Ad requests Ad impressions CTR Spend eCPC eCPM Transparent real-time reporting with the most detailed analytics available PUBLISHERS: REPORTING © Creafi Online Media Mobile

6 We manage more that 2 billion monthly impressions throughout the world on both mobile internet sites and on Smartphone applications (Android, Iphone, Ipads and tablets, etc.) We place specific banners sizes for each of the handsets in order to ensure a successful impact on the user ADVERTISERS: INVENTORY © Creafi Online Media Mobile

7 Operators: Target specific mobile operators across the world Day Parting Target your audience at the right time of the day and day of the week Tags: Match your ads with sites or apps using our contextual tag functionality Devices Select specific devices or brands of devices to display your campaigns Language: Run global campaigns across international sites and apps Demografic: Select the gender and age range for your campaign Localization: Select the countries and specific geographic locations to target Mobile Platform: iPhone OS, Android, Java ADVERTISERS: ADVANCE AND INTUITIVE TARGETING © Creafi Online Media Mobile

8 Web Directs users to any mobile or web page and create bespoke landing pages for these campaigns Click-to-call Increase the odds of that user turning into a lead or a customer for your business iPhone App Store application Enables users to click on your ad and start downloading your Apple app to their phone. Option available on Apple devices Click-to-audio Direct users to audio ads such as podcasts or music downloads that play out after users have clicked on the ad. Option available on Apple devices Click-to-video Direct users to a rich video ad for your product or service straight from your banner or text link. Option available on Apple devices Apple iTunes store Create campaigns that direct users straight into your Apple iTunes store purchase pages. Option only available on Apple devices ADVERTISERS: POST-CLICK POSIBILITIES © Creafi Online Media Mobile

9 Advertising Reports Snapshot Report By campaign By site and application By creative By location Key metrics available on each report Impressions Clicks CTR eCPC/eCPM Spend CPA/CPD Transparent real-time reporting with the most detailed analytics available ADVERTISERS: REPORTING © Creafi Online Media Mobile


11 Goal Drive downloads of the app with a target Cost Per Download. Action One click to the iTunes App Store download page. Metrics A conversion is recorded the first time the app is opened. ADVERTISERS: CASE STUDIES (App Install tracking) © Creafi Online Media Mobile

12 Goal Generate test drive and brochure requests with a Cost Per Lead target. Action One click to a mobile web site where consumers can enter some details. Metrics Conversion tracking enables advertisers to optimise Cost Per Lead. ADVERTISERS: CASE STUDIES (Mob. site conversion tracking) © Creafi Online Media Mobile

13 Goal Generate awareness and interest in going to see the film Yogi Bear. Metrics Measuring average view times and number of completed views. Action One click to an in- app auto-play 30 second video short. ADVERTISMENT: CASE STUDIES (clicks to video) © Creafi Online Media Mobile

14 Campaign Drive consumers to find out more about the Hall Pass film. HTML 5 site Hall Pass mobile site containing rich media and more information about the film. Facebook page Leverage the power of “Like” to get friends engaged and push updates. Video Leverage the power of sharing with friends and enable emotional connection via video. ADVERTISERS: CASE STUDIES (social, mobile and video) © Creafi Online Media Mobile

15 Action One click on banner for consumer redeem a coupon which is sent by text message. Goal Target consumers within specific USA DMA regions. Metrics Consumer redeems coupon in-store at POS. ADVERTISERS: CASE STUDIES (Geo-targeting) © Creafi Online Media Mobile

16 Jens Haxgart – Seville & Marbella | Spain es [at] B.A. | Argentina ar [at] London | UK uk [at] Miami | USA us [at] creafi-online-media.comCONTACTCONTACT © Creafi Online Media Mobile

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