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Moving on to Brockington College! Year 6 – 7 English Transition work 2011.

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1 Moving on to Brockington College! Year 6 – 7 English Transition work 2011

2 Who am I? Keywords: Collage Visual Representation Symbolism Personality Explanation Learning Objectives: To understand how to produce texts in a variety of forms. Success Criteria: To apply knowledge of word classes to enhance your own work To express your ideas clearly in a variety of forms To explain your choices effectively through the use of VCOP

3 Adjectives are Describing Words Write down as many adjectives to describe yourself as possible... TOP TIP: Use interesting adjectives to describe your personality !

4 Next, think about the following: What is your nature? Are you calm, lively, noisy etc.? What do you most enjoy doing? Do you have a favourite animal? Why? What is your favourite colour? Does it say something about you? What would you like to do in the future? Is there anything you really care about? Who do you admire?

5 Your Task: Design a Collage (a work of art made by gluing pieces of different materials to a flat surface) Design a collage which shows visually who you are... You should include pictures that show your hobbies, favourite colours and shapes, friends, family, favourite films, food, books and much more! You should also include anything else which represents or symbolises who you are. For example: A Dove Symbolises

6 Plan your Collage: What are you going to add to your collage which will tell others about you? Remember: colours, pictures, words and shapes will be used for you to both speak and write about yourself... What images will you use and why? Which colours and shapes and why? Which words?


8 Telling the Tale – telling your own story Next, you will write an explanation of your collage. You will now need to explain why you have chosen the pictures in your collage and what they show about you. Top TIP: You will need to focus here on VCOP – Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation

9 Select effective Vocabulary Level 3: generous, nervous, marvellous, attractive, experience, patience, container Level 4: sensitive, timid, energetic, doubtful, anxiety, vibration, ingredient, nourish, prefer Level 5: outstanding, tender, comical, pathetic, premonition, inspiring, adore TOP TIP: Use effective vocabulary to demonstrate your ability!

10 Connectives Level 3: because, after, when, if, as well as, also, since Level 4: also, in addition to, contrary to, despite, however Level 5: furthermore, On the other hand, consequently, as revealed by TOP TIP: Vary your connectives to interest the reader!

11 Sentence Openers Level 3: first, then, next, soon, after that, last, if, when, although, after a while Level 4: although, after a while Level 5: having chosen, representing, inspiring me, TOP TIP: Vary your openers to interest the reader!

12 Punctuation Level 3. ! ?, Level 4. ! ?, … “” ‘ Level 5. ! ?, … “” ‘ ( ) : ; TOP TIP: Use punctuation accurately to aid clarity and meaning!

13 Before you start... Take a look at the example on the next slide – it explains the collage you looked at previously! You should aim to explain each picture on your collage, making sure you tell us how this shows something about you!


15 Finally – Make sure you write in paragraphs! Level 3: You mainly organise your ideas into sections. Level 4: You use topic sentences to show what your paragraph will be about. Level 5: You use effective Sentence openers and a range of connectives within your paragraphs to explain your ideas in detail. TOP TIP: Don’t forget to show us your personality through your writing!

16 See you in July!

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