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Introducing the Six Traits: One of The Writing Process.

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2 Introducing the Six Traits: One of

3 The Writing Process

4 IDEAS and CONTENT Did I write sentences that make the main idea stand out clearly? Did I give examples and use details to support my main idea? Am I able to convince my audience that I really know my topic?

5 How do I know my ideas are unique and interesting? I know that my reader will learn something new from my writing. I did not write the same old thing.

6 How do I know that the details I have used are clear and have been researched? I know that when someone reads my writing, they will be learning the truth, not something that I just made up. My writing creates a picture for the reader.

7 Are my facts mixed with interesting anecdotes? I dont just keep telling a list of facts. I make sure to make connections to my life to make the reading more enjoyable. I keep my reader entertained.

8 Is there not so much content that the reader gets bored? I have read over the writing and taken out anything that does not add to the enjoyment of reading the information. Dont skip anything…my writing is full of only the best.

9 Is the content well organized? I made sure that each paragraph is only about one part of the topic. When I begin telling about something new, my reader doesnt get lost because of my great transition sentences.

10 Is the ending written so that the reader feels they have learned something? My ending is more like a short summary of everything I want my reader to learn. You can tell my writing is finished because my last sentence shares my final thought.

11 You Can Do It

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