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Procedural Writing Writing a How-To Paper.

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1 Procedural Writing Writing a How-To Paper

2 Writing a Procedural Text
Over the next few weeks we will be writing a procedural text. You will give directions on how to do something that you have knowledge about.

3 Learning Goals I can write informative/explanatory texts to examine a topic and convey ideas and information clearly. I can introduce a topic clearly, provide a general observation and focus, and group related information logically. I can produce clear and coherent writing in which the development and organization are appropriate to task, purpose, and audience.

4 More learning goals: I can use precise language and domain-specific vocabulary to inform I can provide a concluding statement or section related to the information or explanation I can demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage

5 Why is it important to know how to correctly write directions or a “how-to” essay?
You will need to be able to write an expository essay in middle school, high school, and college You will use this later in life when you give someone detailed directions Many careers use this skill. For example, engineers and technical writers; Products need directions for the customer who purchases the product.

6 Step 1: Prewriting During the first stage of the writing process, you need to brainstorm topics. Start by making a list of things that you know how to do and things that you think would benefit others to learn. You need to be an expert at this. You need to have an audience in mind. You need to have a reason for writing it.

7 In your writer’s notebook, make a list of things you know how to do, or explain. It needs to be something that is helpful and important. 1. How to take good care of a cat 2. How to make a pumpkin pie 3. How to be a great friend 4. How to get an A+ on a test 5. How to write a research paper 6. How to be healthy and fit 7. How to start your own babysitting business 8. How to be successful in fifth grade

8 Let’s review the writing process before we begin
Let’s review the writing process before we begin. We will follow this process. 1. Prewrite. Brainstorm and jot down your ideas. 2. Rough Copy 3. Reread rough copy and Revise. Improve it. Look for errors and think of how you could make it better. Could you add figurative language, interesting vocabulary words, or clarify? 4. Edit for spelling, grammatical errors, and punctuation errors. Share with a peer for peer editing help! 5. Final copy. Type and make sure it is without errors. Publish and share with your intended audience.

9 “How-To” Paper Example:


11 First Steps… Look over the example from the previous two slides.
Now that you have a list of your ideas, choose one. You will use that idea to fill out a graphic organizer before you start your rough copy.

12 Look over the success criteria
Look over the success criteria. It’s important to know what the expectations are for this assignment. The success criteria looks like this: Procedural Writing Success Criteria.docx

13 Your teacher will hand you a graphic organizer that looks like this.

14 After you fill out the graphic organizer, you may use it to write your rough copy.

15 When your rough copy is complete, it’s time to revise.
Share your paper with a peer. Answer these questions as you revise. Did I include any interesting words? Did I include signal words to transition between steps? Did I indent each paragraph? Does it make sense? Is it interesting? Do I have any missing words or incomplete sentences?

16 After you revise, you will need to edit. Ask a peer to help you
After you revise, you will need to edit. Ask a peer to help you. You will need a dictionary. 1. Are any of the words spelled incorrectly? Look in a dictionary to correct errors. 2. Does every sentence begin with a capital letter? 3. Does every sentence end with the correct punctuation mark? 4. Did you use commas at each pause and to separate items in a list? See the next slide to review some capitalization and punctuation rules.

17 Capitalization 1. All proper nouns are capitalized. A proper noun is a specific person, place, or thing. For example, school is a noun. Farmington Woods Elementary School is a specific school and each word in the title should be capitalized. Look at the following sentences. Why is president only capitalized in one of them? Many countries have a president as their executive leader. The executive leader of the United States is President Obama.

18 Punctuation Every sentence ends with a period if it is a statement or a declarative sentence. If the sentence is asking a question, you must include a ? Commas need to be used when there is a pause in a sentence. Ex: First of all, you will need a container of white paint. Commas also should be used to separate three or more items in a list. Ex: You will need a sponge, white paint, blue paint, and a pencil.

19 Watch the following Youtube video about using commas correctly.
Commas Song

20 Remember to use conjunctions to combine words, phrases or clauses!
Conjunction Junction

21 Spruce up your writing…Use interesting vocabulary words
Spruce up your writing…Use interesting vocabulary words. Include adverbs and adjectives. An adjective is a descriptive word. It describes the noun, the subject, of the sentence. First, take out a bowl. First, take out a medium sized glass bowl. The second sentence is more descriptive with adjectives included.

22 Use adverbs to give more specific details in your “how-to” expository essay.
An adverb is an adjective that describes a verb. It tells how to do the verb. It ends in –ly Next, you will stir the batter quickly for 2 minutes. Stir is the verb and quickly is the adverb. Carefully cut out the cookie dough using the cookie cutter. Slowly separate the shape from the rest of the dough. ***Include at least one adverb in your “how-to” paper. 

23 Want to know more about adverbs?
Click here for a video: School House Rock Adverbs video

24 It’s time to publish! Use a computer to type your “how-to” essay. Include a diagram or flowchart, or even an illustration to make the directions easier for your reader. Remember to use non-fiction text features. Photos should have a caption. Diagrams should include a caption as well.


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