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Division of Information Resources Collaborating with Office 365 Storage Options and Classifications.

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1 Division of Information Resources Collaborating with Office 365 Storage Options and Classifications

2 Division of Information Resources The Microsoft Office suite (Office 2013) on University computers also provides functionality for: – Email – full-featured client program transfers data to on-line Office 365 email, and mobile devices – Calendar – efficient way to track schedules on computer, on-line, or on mobile devices – Lync – fast, easy way to connect with others without using email; on your computer, on-line, and through the Lync App for mobile devices

3 Division of Information Resources Outlook Web App provides access to email from anywhere, using any browser – Includes your calendar and contacts – Includes OneDrive for Business – Gateway to information about all of your Office 365 resources

4 Division of Information Resources Enables users to communicate securely anywhere they have network connectivity Unifies voice and video calls, Lync Meetings, presence, and instant messaging Full experience available on applications for PC, Mac, Android and iOS The Lync Web App allows users to join a Lync Meeting from a browser, full online meeting experiences, including IM, voice, data collaboration and sharing.

5 Division of Information Resources Demo!

6 Division of Information Resources Soon to be updated and re-branded

7 Division of Information Resources Includes up to 1 TB of cloud storage Accessible from a web browser or via applications for PC, Android, and iOS (Mac app coming soon!) Keep files private, share them with contacts, or make them public Publicly shared files do not require a Microsoft account to access Great place to store videos, photos, music and other non-restricted university information Available to students, faculty, and staff

8 Division of Information Resources Web Apps included : Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Excel Survey Choose to create and edit a new document in OneDrive, or open it in the full client program

9 Division of Information Resources Demo!

10 Division of Information Resources Did we say 1TB of storage?

11 Division of Information Resources Coming in 2015 … UNLIMITED storage!

12 Division of Information Resources Install the latest version of Microsoft Office on 5 PCs or Macs Programs included are: Word Excel PowerPoint OneNote Access Outlook Lync Publisher All University of Scranton students have access, as of September 2014

13 Division of Information Resources


15 Free for students, faculty, and staff Starting today!

16 Division of Information Resources Install Office apps – for free – from your device’s app store

17 Division of Information Resources


19 Office Applications - Word, Excel, PowerPoint – On your computer (home and business), mobile devices, and online via OneDrive for Business Email & Calendar – Outlook client, Outlook Web App, and mobile device synchronization Lync - IM, voice/video chat, and screen sharing OneDrive for Business - 1TB of storage – Via a browser, desktop clients, and mobile apps

20 Division of Information Resources Questions?

21 Division of Information Resources Storage Options Data Types Backup/ RestoreSharing Encrypt ion Accessibility RestrictedConfidentialPublicw/individualsDept./Groupto/from PCOff CampusDroidiOSWin Tablet RoyalDrive YYYYYYYYYYYY OneDrive Pro NYYYYNYYes with Web Interface (OWA) YYYY Desktop NNNot recommended for storage NNNNlocal onlyNNNN Consumer (Dropbox, OneDrive Personal) NNNNYNNYYYYY Email NNot recommended for storage YNNNYYYYY For examples of data types and their related classifications: Read Only Only with Apps

22 Division of Information Resources Data Classifications Restricted: Pertains to information protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), Graham Leach Bliley (GLB) Act, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), Federal Trade Commission Red Flag Rules, Pennsylvania Senate Bill 712, or any other federal, state, industry, or local law. Makes the University liable for costs or damages due to unauthorized disclosure under laws, government regulations, or contract. Includes authentication secrets (passwords, private keys, and other information exclusive to the university.

23 Division of Information Resources Data Classifications Confidential: Is used primarily to conduct official University business with limited internal distribution Contains proprietary information, pertains to student records that are covered by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), or pertains to donor records. PII – information on staff, faculty, or students that may be used by unauthorized persons, without the consent of the subjects.

24 Division of Information Resources Data Classifications Public: Is not classified as restricted or confidential. Data that can be viewed by the public which causes no harm to the university, and can be released freely for public dissemination. Examples: Sporting Events Schedules Performing Arts Community Involvement Stories News Items (promotions, awards, etc.) For a more extensive list of examples in ALL Data Classifications:

25 Division of Information Resources Storage Matrix Data Classifications – Restricted – Confidential – Private Locations, Sharing, & Access – RoyalDrive: for all university related data – OneDrive: for photos, videos, music, and files Clarification – seek Data Stewards For more information:

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