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Moodle Integration with Microsoft Seree Chinodom Kittisak Onuean BURAPHA UNIVERSITY Powerful Tool for MoodlePowerful Tool for Moodle.

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1 Moodle Integration with Microsoft Live@edu Seree Chinodom Kittisak Onuean BURAPHA UNIVERSITY Powerful Tool for MoodlePowerful Tool for Moodle

2 What is Moodle Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment Open source Learning Management System User worldwide by thousands educational institutions


4 What is Microsoft Live@edu Free student email and online tools Increase school ability to communicate and collaborate with a suite of online tools, including shared calendars, documents, and workspaces. Keep your students, faculty, and alumni connected anywhere with online access on virtually any web-enabled device Provide a co-branded hosted Exchange solution at no cost with Outlook Live (10GB/user) Help to keep your students’ data private and promote online safety Excite students with 25GB of online storage on Windows Live SkyDrive Simplify online collaboration and document sharing with Office Live Workspace Supported on all popular browsers on Windows or Mac, including Firefox and Safari

5 Live@edu services explained Outlook Live Send and receive emails, as well as schedule appointments and meetings in the calendar. Windows Live Messenger Stay in touch and chat using instant messaging, and share photos and documents. Windows Live Sky Drive Store, access, and share files with students –, it’s 25GB of free online storage that can be password-protected.

6 Live@edu services explained (continued) Office Live Workspace Store, share and work on files online without having to save them to your PC. Windows Live Spaces Create a space with its own Web address. Use your space to write a blog, share documents, lists, videos and photos, and keep information updated in one place. Windows Live Groups Create a group online for collaboration on projects, sporting and academic clubs, teams and more.

7 Anywhere access to your digital campus with one identity Anywhere Online Services CustomLinks Links to other services, including Skydrive Cobranded Change online “status” Notifications & Reminders Calendar & Contacts Start Real- time Chat MessengerContacts

8 >> Communicate Advanced messaging capabilities keep users connected with chat, video, voice, and text media. Make voice and video calls Create shared folders Send text to mobile phones Group chats with up to 15 people Lookup facts in Encarta by subscribing to Works with popular IM clients like Yahoo!, AOL

9 >> Collaborate Share large files and collaborate in real time with anywhere, anytime access. Share files with SkyDrive—a password protected 25 GB virtual hard drive Link to SkyDrive documents from Facebook

10 >> Create workspaces for different projects Online companion to Microsoft Office Collaborate Office Live Workspace is the online complement to the Microsoft Office system. Save 1,000 Office documents

11 >> Preview and edit documents online Even if they don’t have Microsoft Office installed on their PC Even if they’re on a Mac Control who can view and edit documents Collaborate Organize a study group, keep track of important school information, or coordinate with club or team members.

12 What is The Microsoft Live Services Plug-in for Moodle The Microsoft Live Services Plug-in for Moodle is an open source project Students and teachers can use their Windows Live IDs to sign in to Moodle and access Live Services, such as e- mail, instant messenger, and calendar without leaving Moodle.


14 System Requirement Requirements: Moodle 1.9.x Limitations: The plug-in has not been thoroughly tested with Moodle 1.8.x or earlier. Also the plug-in has not been integrated or tested with Moodle 2.0 dev builds.

15 Free Microsoft Live@edu Services In Moodle Moodle is an Open Source LMS used in thousands of schools worldwide Microsoft Live@edu provides free communications, collaboration and productivity tools to teachers and students –Email –IM –Calendaring –MSN Alerts –Bing Search The “Microsoft Live@edu Plug-In for Moodle” enables these Live@edu services to be accessed via a single sign- on process within Moodle; and is available under the GPLv2 Single Sign-on to Moodle and Live Services via Live ID Authentication

16 Exchange Integration Contextual Bing Search WLID Single-Sign-On



19 Setup Procedure Create a Live Services account and get a Windows Live Application ID at Install PHP extensions required by the plug-in. Download the latest version of from Education Labs. Unzip to your Moodle installation folder. In the Moodle admin panel, activate Windows Live ID authentication. Configure Windows Live Services block with your application id. Add Live Services block to your pages so that user can access it. Set the right authentication option for Moodle users.

20 More Detail Setup Procedure


22 Allow access to


24 Support and resources Should you need further support and resources, please visit these Web sites for more information

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