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End of Year 8 th Grade Project Due Monday, May 19 th Recommended: Some type of notebook or binder for Project.

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1 End of Year 8 th Grade Project Due Monday, May 19 th Recommended: Some type of notebook or binder for Project

2 Directions Class Reunion: Imagine what you and your friends will be like in 20 years. Write a narrative from 1 st person point of view about meeting up with your 8 th grade buddies in 20 years. How has everyone changed? What successes has everyone had? Persuasive Letter to Dr. Jones: Write a five paragraph letter explaining a change that you feel is necessary at Hildebrandt, or explain what you feel are the strengths of our school and why we should make no change (do not do both; take a stand).

3 Letter to a teacher: Write a friendly letter to teacher here at Hildebrandt explaining why you will remember the class, what you learned, etc. (minimum three paragraphs). Letter from a parent: Get one of your parents to write a letter to you explaining why they are proud of you as you prepare to enter high school.

4 Directions: 1) Create a central image that symbolizes your life as an 8 th Grader * Draw, cut out, or use a computer graphic to create an image that captures the central meaning of you * The image must be the central feature of your One-Pager and all other information on the page must tie into this singular concept!!! 2) Brainstorm around the central image - include four statements, three words or less that connect you & the image 3) Include two of your favorite quotes that connect to your life and the image; include author of the quote 4) Ask questions * Ask two thought provoking questions which point out something that concerns you in life * Provide two thought provoking answers 5) Mission statement: A personal mission statement provides clarity and gives you a sense of purpose. It defines who you are and how you will live. Example: I am a teacher. I strive to be a good example to my students, to create in them a love of literature, and to empower them to become writers. I believe words are the most powerful tool a student can possess. My philosophy is that if you treat students with respect, they will in turn treat you with respect.

5 Top Ten List: You must have at least four categories on this page. For example, top ten movies of your middle school life, songs, books, games, professional athletes, actors, or your choice. Most Memorable Day in Middle School – Write a personal narrative about the most memorable day you had in middle school. (min. 3 paragraphs).

6 Cover Page Include a picture of yourself Create a wordle (then use snipping tool) to cut and paste

7 Write a poem. You can model if after a favorite poet or poem. The poem should be about yourself or someone who influenced you. You may use your “O Captain, My Captain” poem. The Person Who Most Influenced You- write an expository paper explaining how this person influenced your life.

8 Favorite Book: Think about all the books you’ve read in middle school; write a brief essay about why the book(s) was meaningful to you.

9 Breaking News: Create a front page newspaper with headline and feature story; include two additional articles. Optional: include action shot.

10 Choose A Song: Find a song that explains your life as an 8 th grader. Write the lyrics! Then analyze the lyrics and explain the connection to your life in a brief essay. Create a Poster: Create an advertisement that either promotes Hildebrandt, or one of our programs – art, music, athletics, Stu Co, NJHS, etc. WHAT’S IN A SONG?

11 Write a friendly letter to a 6 th grader on how to be successful in middle school. (You can use humor, but do give “true” advice.) Dear 6 th Grader,


13 Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round: Describe a memorable event either riding the bus to or from school, or to or from a school event.

14 Class Favorites: Choose an 8 th grade boy and girl for each category. Most Friendly, Best Eyes, Best Hair, Most Athletic, Most Artistic, Best Musician, Most Likely to Succeed, Best Couple, Most Beautiful, Most Handsome; create your own categories, but they must be school appropriate and no form of bullying.

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