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Reading Log Book Report

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1 Reading Log Book Report
a multi-genre project

2 What is a multi-genre book report?
A multi-genre book report is a combination of a written report paired with projects of different formats which enhance the written form and enable the book report to take on a higher level of enrichment. You have 2 parts…

3 Part 1: The Letter Essay You will be writing a letter to Mrs. Pittman-Price detailing your ideas and observations about your Reading Log book. The letter essay will be an informal response written to me.

4 Part 1: The Letter Essay at least three paragraphs long
Must include a quote from the book Must include a recommendation – Would you recommend this book to another person? Explain why you would or would not recommend this for someone else to read. I AM NOT LOOKING FOR PARAGRAPHS DETAILING THE PLOT – this is a RESPONSE to your book, not a summary.

5 Part 1: The Letter Essay FORMAT – MY EXAMPLE… November 15, 2010
Dear Kelsey, ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sincerely, Kristin

6 Part 2: Multi-Genre Piece
This part of your book report serves as the creative section. Using your Reading Log book, you will create one of the projects from the following list: Movie Poster Newspaper Story Ending rewrite Text Messages Journal Entries Poetry ABC Book Or choose an activity off the Summer Reading Tic-Tac-Toe WS Book Trailer Cartoon Version Children’s Story

7 Movie Poster Create a movie poster for your novel on a piece of paper bigger than 8 ½ by 11 – poster size is preferable Guidelines: You must represent the themes and characters of your novel with crayons, markers, cut outs, and any other materials approved by the teacher. The poster must show a major element of the book and a major character. You must show knowledge of key characters and themes in order to represent the book as a poster. After you finish your posters, you must write a paragraph on the back explaining the representation you made based on the book. Requirements: one character a representation of a major theme the title of the book a tag line (if the book was made into a movie…) A paragraph (on the back of your poster) explaining the representation of your novel in the movie poster.

8 Real Movie Poster Examples:

9 Student Examples:

10 Ending Rewrite If you do not care for the way your book ended, here is your opportunity to change it! Rewrite a new ending to the book you just read (1-2 pages). Be sure to write in the style of the author. Do NOT explain how the ending should be changed. Write as if you were writing the story. On a separate page, explain why you made these changes. Also explain the differences between your ending and the original ending.

11 Journal Entries Write 4 journal entries from the viewpoint of a character or several characters from your book. Journal entries should be spread out from the beginning to the end of the novel. Begin each entry with “Dear journal,” and write in first person point of view. These need to include the date and journal format “Dear Diary…” All four entries must be a page long and detailed I am looking for your ability to write as IF YOU WERE the character you choose.

12 Journal Entries Dear journal,
Today I went to see my best friend and we… Place your entries into a cover that you create, organizing them in proper order. On the first page, include an information sheet identifying the name of the character, his or her age (guess if you don’t know), where he or she lives, and any other important details…


14 ABC Book 26 pages long – one page for each letter
Think of something in your book that begins with each letter – illustrate it! “___ is for _____” A is for Amelia’s plane that disappeared. H is for horcrux. HP had to destroy six of them to kill Lord Voldermort. Make sure you explain why each thing you choose for the letters is important – A is for alligator (NOT ENOUGH!)


16 Book Trailer Create a book trailer ( similar to a movie trailer like the ones you see on T.V., only about a book) for your book! Must be at least a minute long… Must show your understanding of the novel you read – do NOT copy the trailer of a book that’s been turned into a movie (Harry Potter, Twilight, etc.) Included in the book trailer you must have a summary of the text (without giving away the ending), visual images to represent what you say, and the author and title stated.

17 Book Trailer Examples:
The Hunger Games The Giver by Lois Lowry

18 Cartoon Version Create a comic book based on your book. It should have an illustrated cover with the title and author and be comic book size. Inside – retell the story using dialogue and descriptions of setting and characters. Put your writing in bubbles. Create colorful illustrations that help tell the story. DO NOT USE LINED paper! At least 6 pages long…

19 Children’s Story Turn your book into a children’s story by retelling the plot in a simply way with vocabulary appropriate for youngsters. Make sure your creation looks like a children’s book – complete with a cover that includes the title and author AND colorful illustrations on each page. DO NOT USE LINED PAPER! At least 10 pages long…

20 Newspaper Story Create a newspaper that is devoted entirely to your book. The front page should look as much like a real newspaper as possible! Writing in columns, headlines, a newspaper title, etc. You can include a variety of different kinds of features including horoscopes for each character, Dear Abby letters, comic strips, news articles, advertisements, personal ads, an obituary section, or anything else you might find in a newspaper EVERYTHING you include, however, must be based on events and characters in the book you read! For proper format – CHECK OUT A NEWSPAPER! 


22 Text Messages Create text message conversations between characters in your book! Must include at least 4 conversations that include 8 text messages each. Can be between only two characters or several, but needs to be relevant to the details/events in your story. Can be drawn in bubbles or written in boxes…



25 Poetry Write 4 poems about your story – they can deal with certain characters, emotions, plot, etc. On the back of each poem, write what that poem is about – how it relates to your Reading Log novel. Ex – “This poem is written as if I were the main character Harry. He’s just gotten to Hogwarts and …”

26 Evaluation of Multi-Genre Pieces
Projects will be evaluated based on the following: Physical Appearance (neatness, organization, color, etc.) Content and Detail (To what extent does this project prove to me that you read this book? Does the final product reflect well thought-out ideas and demonstrates your understanding of the novel?) When choosing projects that involve drawing – you ABSOLUTELY MAY NOT copy the book cover or any pictures found in the book. This involves no creative thinking on your part whatsoever and will not be given credit.

27 To Recap Letter essay to Mrs. Pittman-Price
When you turn your Reading Log Project in to Mrs. Pittman-Price by October 31, 2012 at the LATEST, you will be turning in two things: Letter essay to Mrs. Pittman-Price One of the multi-genre options

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