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Types of Writing Narrative Descriptive Expository Persuasive.

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1 Types of Writing Narrative Descriptive Expository Persuasive

2 Purpose To entertain To inform To show To persuade

3 Paragraph Format Indent Attention Grabber/Hook
Topic Sentence/Thesis Statement Supporting Details Conclusion or transition to the next paragraph

4 Narrative

5 Narrative Shares a personal experience from life
Written in first-person point of view Shows the author’s thoughts and feelings Elaborates on events Conclusion states why the event was meaningful

6 Narrative

7 Narrative

8 Narrative

9 Personal Narrative Prompt #1 endure: to suffer patiently (verb)
Write a funny story (personal narrative) that tells how you endured a very boring day. Use a lot of exaggeration to make your story humorous. Write at least 3 paragraphs of 6-8 sentences.

10 Descriptive

11 Descriptive Paints a picture in the readers’ minds, and that the writer uses colorful language to tell what a person, place, thing, or idea is like Includes language that appeals to the five senses. (Sensory words.) “Shows” rather than tells Uses actions and dialogue as part of the description

12 Descriptive For descriptions of places, consider using spatial order.
For descriptions of events, consider using chronological order. For descriptions of people, animals, or objects, consider using order of importance.

13 Descriptive

14 Descriptive

15 Descriptive

16 Valentine Write Prompt (Descriptive Essay)
ideal: perfect; exists only within your imagination (adjective) Choose one of the following prompts and be sure to write in letter format. Use figurative language…specifically imagery (appeal to each of the five senses).

17 Descriptive Prompt #1 Love may be years away for you, but you might already have a vague idea of what you’ll look for in an ideal mate. What do you imagine this person looks like? What kind of job will he/she have? Will he/she have to share your values and beliefs, or can you imagine being with someone quite different from you? Write a love letter to this ideal mate.

18 Descriptive Prompt #2 Pretend to be an item from Box 1. Your ideal mate is an item from Box 2. Write a love letter from the point of view of your item from Box 1 to your mate from Box 2. Box 1 Box 2 Chocolate bar glass TV pencil hot air balloon hot rod butterfly basketball marshmallow juice DVD player Paper sky chrome wheels flower hoop

19 Expository

20 Expository Explains an event, concept, or idea using facts and examples Has a major purpose presenting information about a subject. Tells what happened when (gives the facts) . . . Explains how to (gives directions) …Describes how to (makes idea clear)… Expository writing is usually based on what a writer already knows or has researched

21 Expository Examples Biographies Directions News stories
Research reports Summaries Expository essays Compare/Contrast Cause/Effect

22 Expository

23 Expository

24 Expository

25 Expository Prompt (Compare/Contrast)
extravagant: excessively expensive (adjective) futile: worthless; useless (adjective) Think about the most extravagant gift you’ve ever received and the most futile gift you’ve ever received. Compare and contrast these two gifts. Use a Venn Diagram to get your thoughts organized.

26 Compare/Contrast Format
Paragraph 1 – Attention Getter & statement of the two gifts Paragraph 2 – Describe each gift Paragraph 3 – Compare the two gifts; why was the one your most extravagant and the other your most futile? Paragraph 4 – Offer a summary stating your feelings toward the gifts? End with a plea for more extravagant gifts.

27 Persuasive

28 Persuasive Examples Stating a Position Problem-Solution

29 Persuasive

30 Persuasive

31 Persuasive

32 Persuasive Prompt #1 (Stating a Position)
flatter: to praise too much and without meaning (verb) Your teachers are thinking about assigning a week’s worth of homework over your long break, because they just don’t want you to forget what you’ve learned so far this year.

33 Persuasive Prompt #1 (cont.)
Write a persuasive letter to convince them to not give you the homework assignments (Hint: Use strong arguments against assigning the work and use lots of flattery as well). Refer to p in your Literature book for help.

34 Persuasive Prompt #2 (Problem/Solution)
mediate: to work with opposing sides to settle or resolve a disagreement (verb) Imagine that you’re the parent of three children. You’ve given them an Xbox 360 (Future Edition) for Christmas. They can’t seem to agree on what games to play. As their parent you are the mediator. Instead of simply taking the games away or punishing the children, you must help them to settle the argument.

35 Persuasive Prompt #2 (cont.)
Follow the format below to create a problem/solution essay that helps them to solve this conflict. For help, refer to p in your Literature Book. Paragraph 1 – Identify the problem Paragraph 2 – Offer possible solutions Paragraph 3 – Anticipate objections Paragraph 4 – Offer a summary of what you recommend

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