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Communicative Language Teaching (Classroom Activities)

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1 Communicative Language Teaching (Classroom Activities)
Sanjeeda monowar ID- 4110

2 Why we need to learn English?
Now a day millions of people want to improve their English language skill. For better life _ - study abroad - a better job - travel - worldwide demand - formal instructions

3 How we learn English? There are two methods to learn English: 1.Grammatical competence- here students learn the rules of sentence formation in a language. 2.Communicative competence– here student can learn language through activities at the same time they can learn sentence formation and its use.

4 Accuracy Vs Fluency Accuracy: Fluency:
One of the goals of CLT is to develop fluency as well as accuracy in language use. Accuracy: How much correctly language is being delivered? It focuses on grammatical competence. Fluency: How much quickly communication is made? Example: Here teachers will observe students performance on a fluency task and assign accuracy work to deal with grammatical or pronunciation problems.

5 Mechanical, Meaningful and Communicative Practice
Mechanical Practice- This kind of activity would be repetition drill designed to particular grammatical or other items. Meaningful Practice- Here with language control practice students are required to make meaningful choices. Like- with the help of some grammatical clue( which will be more & they have to chose the correct one) students will complete the given task. Communicative Practice- Here practice in using language within a real communicative context is the focus, where real information is exchanged and where the language used is not totally predictable.

6 Classroom activities in communicative language teaching
Information-Gap activities- Students practice a role play. One student will act like a shop keeper with the information of price list and other will be a client. The role-play yhe interaction without looking at each other’s cue card Task completion activities- Give a situation for brainstorming and solve Information gathering activities- These learners to collect information and present in one form. Opinion sharing activities- Others- a. Make five dialogues with the given words b. Role plays with the help of cue cards c. Create some games like find mistakes of other groups. d. Seeing action and find out what they want to say.

7 Benefit of communicative learning English
Effective teaching methods Create friendly environment Easy to motivate the students for study Without memorizing students can learn quickly Support more creative approach to teaching Help to develop fluency and accuracy in language

8 Thank you for keeping patience.

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