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Catholicism Tierney Nelson, Max Eastern, and Kiara Hatzakis.

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1 Catholicism Tierney Nelson, Max Eastern, and Kiara Hatzakis

2 Origin  Rome  Approx. 30 AD  Jesus was the founder of Christianity therefore the founder of Catholicism

3 Beliefs  The pope is the highest authority of the Roman Catholic Church  They have 7 sacraments of being a catholic: Baptism, the Eucharist, Penance, Confirmation, Matrimony, Holy Orders, and Anointing the sick.  Accepts the teaching of the bible as well as the pope  They believe Jesus died for the worlds sins and rose from the dead  Jesus is the son of God


5 Universal or Ethnic?  Catholicism is a universal religion  Fun fact: The word Catholicism stems from catholic meaning universal in Greek  Based on life of Jesus and has specific origin

6 Hierarchical or Autonomous?  Catholicism is hierarchical  The structure is based off of a hierarchical pyramid where the Pope is at the top. Pope Cardinals Archbishops Bishops Priests Deacon Laity (People)

7 Diffusion Over Time For the majority of the catholic religion, it diffused by relocation diffusion due to the lack of technology. The hearth of Catholicism is in Rome and general Europe. Spread through Jesus, missionaries, and followers.

8 Distribution Today Over the past century, the number of Catholics around the globe has more than tripled from an estimated 291 million in 1910, to nearly 1.1 billion in 2010. Latin America has the largest amount of Catholics in the world.

9 Sacred Spaces & Places  The Vatican- where the pope resides, Italy  Jerusalem- where Jesus spent most of his life, Israel  Bethlehem- where Jesus was born, Palestine  Churches-place of worship in Catholicism

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