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McKenna Robertson Kyle Israel

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1 McKenna Robertson Kyle Israel
Catholicism McKenna Robertson Kyle Israel

2 Origin Also known as Roman Catholic Church.
Began with teachings of Jesus Christ in 1st century at the Roman Empire. Catholicism is a universal Religion. It diffused by hierarchical diffusion. Pope Arch Bishops Bishops Priests

3 Five Things Catholics believe
God, Jesus Jesus died on the cross, rose again and one day “will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead.” Worshipping God and his three aspects (father, son and holy spirit). God can forgive through the sacrament done by a priest Catholics believe it is important to live by scripture and tradition.

4 Sacred Places and Spaces in Catholicism
Cathedrals Parish Churches St. Peter’s Basilica Vatican City

5 Distribution of Catholicism
The areas with the darkest blue shows the highest concentration of where Catholics are, as the blue lightens, the concentration of Catholics decreases. Central and South America have the most Catholics. Russia and the middle east have the least Catholics.

6 Diffusion of Catholicism
Catholicism started in Israel, then to Rome, next to Europe and then to the rest of the world. It is the largest branch of Christianity in the world, 1/6 of worlds population. Missionaries contribute to widespread diffusion. Started with hierarchical diffusion across the Roman Empire.

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