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Roman Catholic VS Eastern Orthodox

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1 Roman Catholic VS Eastern Orthodox
Division of the Church Roman Catholic VS Eastern Orthodox

2 Church Dividing – 1 Christian’s view of Jesus
Some – full god, some – full human, some – half and half Nicene Creed said both human and god West and east disagreed with words

3 Church Dividing – 2 Icon Holy image
Bible says it is not allowed to worship an object Some thought they shall not use icons (iconoclasts, form Eastern Orthodox) Some thought important to worship god Iconoclasts attacked church, broke icons

4 Church Dividing – 3 Who rules the church?
Most important Christian people – bishops Most important bishops – patriarchs Constantinople, Rome Alexandria, Antioch, and Jerusalem Bishop of Rome had more power Eastern viewed emperor as highest

5 VS Church Divides Great Schism (A.D. 1054) Split the church
East become Eastern Orthodox, West become Roman Catholic VS

6 Differences Roman Catholic Eastern Orthodox
Pope rules the church and nonreligious Latin Priests can’t marry Emperor rules the church Today, no Byzantine Emperor, so ruled by patriarchs Greek Priests can marry

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