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Christian Orthodox- Russia By: Morgan, Elise, Maddie.

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1 Christian Orthodox- Russia By: Morgan, Elise, Maddie

2 Origin ●The Orthodox Church founded in Jerusalem in 33 AD, fifty days after the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. ●In the 5th century the Roman and Eastern churches split because of conflict with the Pope of Rome and the patriarchy of Constantinople ●It has preserved the original teachings of Jesus Christ from that time to the present ●Founded by the Apostle Andrew and became Russian Orthodox Church ●He is thought to have visited Scythia and Greek colonies along the northern coast of the Black Sea.

3 Beliefs ●The Orthodox Church believes that eternal life is the chief goal while the non-orthodox is to enjoy God forever and to glorify Him. ●Believe in salvation through the Sacraments and through the passion, death, and resurrection of our Lord. ●They confess their sins through intercession with the clergy and this absolves them from sins. ●The Holy Days for Protestants are Good Friday, Easter, and Christmas while the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church include these but add Lent, New Years, and several Saint’s Feast Days. ●Orthodox Christians believe in the Trinity; God consists of God the father, Jesus the son and the Holy Spirit, and these three parts are the same as each other.

4 Universalizing Religion Christian orthodox is a universalizing religion because it can be practiced anywhere in the world. There are many orthodox churches throughout the world that are available to the public. Although Christian Orthodox is mainly practiced in Russia, there are other individuals throughout the world that practice it as well.

5 Hierarchical Structure ●Clergy ○ Monks: Devote all their lives to worship ○ Priesthood: Married and then ordained ■ Bishop ■ Presbyter ■ Deacon

6 Diffusion Began in Rome and diffused through the majority of Russia

7 Distribution Eastern Orthodoxy Navy Blue: Dominant religion (more than 75%) Dark Blue: Dominant religion (50% - 75%) Royal Blue: Important minority religion (20% - 50%) Blue: Important minority religion (5% - 20%) Light Blue: Minority religion (1% - 5%) Predominant Countries Russia Romania Greece Serbia Ukraine Moldova Macedonia Montenegro Cyprus Georgia Bulgaria

8 Sacred Places Russian Orthodox Church, legally known as The Moscow Patriarchate Headquarters in Moscow Founded by the Apostle Andrew Largest Eastern Orthodox church

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