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Welcome to R. B. Hayes High School. Principal Mr. Ric Stranges.

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1 Welcome to R. B. Hayes High School

2 Principal Mr. Ric Stranges

3 Assistant Principals Mr. Rex Reeder Mr. Dan Bartha

4 9 th Grade Counselor Mrs. Jessica Scott Freshman Counselor

5 Grades 10-12 Counselors Mr. Matt Brown (A-G)Mrs. Jennifer Pollard (H-O) Miss Megan Burwinkel (P-Z)Mrs. Leigh Conant – College and Career

6 Welcome Dempsey parents and students Welcome St. Mary’s parents and students Please pick up a packet on stage that includes a curriculum handbook, course selection sheet, etc. Class of 2019 - Parents and Students!

7 How Parents Might Feel…

8 How Students Might Feel…

9 Or Maybe…

10 From a Student’s Perspective… Advice Myths Who to Ask

11 Our Vision The Delaware City Schools will promote a culture of excellence that engages and empowers students and staff to embrace the challenges of our global society. We will build on our traditions, respect our diversity and partner for a strong community.

12 A Day at Hayes 7 Class Periods Lunch Academic Options School Hours are: 7:25 – 2:30 PeriodTimeMinutes 1 st 7:25-8:1550 2 nd 8:19-9:0546 3 rd 9:09-9:5546 4 th 9:59-10:4546 5 th Lunch 10:50-11:2131 6 th Academic Options 11:27-11:5831 7 th 12:04-12:5046 8 th 12:54-1:4046 9 th 1:44-2:3046

13 Academic Options What is Academic Options? Homeroom atmosphere but in middle of day after lunch Presentations, Announcements, Grade Checks Flex vs. Advisory – Grades can determine placement

14 Graduation Core Requirements English4 credits Social Studies3 credits Math4 credits – Must complete Alg 2 Science3 credits Health½ credit Physical Educ.½ credit (Two – ¼ credits or waivers) Fine Arts1 credit Electives5 credits or 5.5 credits if PE waivers used An elective credit can include additional core credits.

15 Graduation Requirements New Generation Assessments: Earn a cumulative passing score on seven end-of-course exams : English 9, English 10, Algebra 1, Geometry, Biology, U.S. History, Government Exams will be taken in February and March (Performance Based), April and May (End of Course) Students in Algebra 1, Geometry or Physical Science at Dempsey will take these end of course exams A student who earned high school credit in any of the above courses before July 1, 2014, automatically will receive a score of three points per course exam toward the total points needed for graduation.

16 Diploma with Honors (“Honors” level courses are not required to qualify) In addition to the required graduation requirements, the following must be met: English – 4 credits Math – 4 credits (Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, & 1 college prep course) *Science – 4 credits (Chemistry & Physics 1) *Social Studies – 4 credits (World Studies, US Studies, Govt./Econ, & 1 elective) *Foreign Language – 3 or 4 credits (3 of the same or 2 of two different) Fine Arts – 1 credit (Art or music) *3.5 unweighted GPA through all 4 years *Score of 27 on ACT or 1210 on SAT *Only one of these categories may be dropped.

17 Physical Education Waiver Two COMPLETED Seasons of: OHSAA Sponsored Sport Or Two COMPLETED Years of: Marching Band or AFJROTC You may NOT combine one PE course and one waiver. Sports may be combined or years skipped. Waivers will be automatically added to transcripts.

18 Study Hall Students may choose to take a traditional Study Hall. There is no credit value awarded to a Study Hall. Students are encouraged to take a Study Hall in addition to Academic Options if they are involved in extra-curricular activities or have little time after school to study

19 Course Selection Semester Year Long--------------> Semester 4 CORE: English Math Science Social Studies 3 ELECTIVES (Example): +

20 Drop Policy Students will now only be able to drop courses ONE time during their high school career without penalty after the first two weeks of the start of a course. A “W” indicating Withdrawal from the course will be entered on the transcript. This does not affect the GPA. All courses dropped after this option is used, will result in an ‘F’ for the final grade. This will be entered on the transcript and will affect the GPA.

21 Introduction to Art Exemption 8 th grade students who completed Art at Dempsey will be eligible for exemption from the requirement to take Intro to Art This will be based on recommendation from Dempsey art teacher Student may then advance to upper level art courses No credit for Intro to Art is earned

22 Hybrid Courses Hybrid courses are taught partly online and partly in the classroom. Students may not be required to report to the course daily but will have coursework to complete on their own on that day. Hybrid Courses offered to 9 th grade students: Health Fitness/PE Leaders of Tomorrow

23 Communication is KEY! Email Phone Conferences Website Planned Events Email List Auto Call Appointments

24 Information Grades Newsletters Upcoming events Join our Listserv Make appointments Website Access

25 Counselor Phone # & E-mail Mrs. Jessica Scott (last name recently changed) May change to scottje@.... 740-833-1023

26 Appointments with the Counselor I want to ensure that I have the availability to meet with you, so appointments are strongly encouraged and are appreciated. Appointments can be made on our website or by calling the Counseling Office at 740- 833-1028. Thank you for helping me better serve you!

27 Scheduling Online



30 Dates to Remember Course request forms are due January 30 th to Mrs. Nicely! Mrs. Scott will be at Dempsey on February 2 nd - 12 th to schedule in social studies classes. Please bring applications to your scheduled date. If you forget, they are due at the latest February 12 th to Mrs. Nicely! Students will NOT be added to courses requiring applications without a completed application being submitted.

31 Any requests to change course selections must be submitted to your school counselor by June 5 th. Students may only make ONE request to change their schedule. (Multiple changes can be made in this one request.) Students will only be able to change course requests to the alternate courses that are originally submitted to the counselor. Dates to Remember

32 Overview of Steps Students received packets during Mrs. Scott’s visit on Jan. 18 th Extra handouts available tonight Extra course guides are online, available for downloading Fill out Scheduling Request form Go to Power School account to add requests Fill out any applications you need Students will meet with me in the first two weeks of Feb. to finalize schedule! Bring applications and request form!

33 Schedules Will be available on PowerSchool in August Back to School Days will also be in August Students will able to have school pictures taken, pay fees and pick up a paper copy of their schedule

34 Freshman Orientation Will be in August Students will have the opportunity to spend more time at Hayes before school begins More information to come!

35 Questions

36 Thank you for coming!

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