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WELCOME CLASS OF 2017!! 2013-2014 Freshmen Course Selection.

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1 WELCOME CLASS OF 2017!! 2013-2014 Freshmen Course Selection

2 BHS Administration Mr. Todd Martens – Principal Mr. Craig Pate– Assistant Principal A-L Mrs. Kathy McGuire– Assistant Principal M-Z Mrs. Rachel Lathrop – Assistant Principal (seniors) Mr. Jeff Dobberton – Assistant Principal, Athletic Director

3 Student Services Department School Counselors A-G Mr. Zimmerlee H-P Mrs. Baker Q-Z & ELL Mrs. Telander

4 Today’s Agenda Course Selection Timeline Graduation Requirements 4 year Plans Course Selection Sheet & Activities Survey

5 Materials Course Selection Procedures Course Selection Worksheet & Activities Survey Four Year Plan Elective Course Cheat Sheet Course Descriptions (Core & Elective Courses) PE Waiver & information – available upon request

6 Course Selection Timeline Parent Night at Belvidere High School in the PAC Tomorrow: December 12, 2012 6pm Monday, December 17, 2012 – Return completed Course Selection Worksheet to your middle school science teacher Tuesday, December 18, 2012– High school counselors visit BSMS

7 Graduation Requirements Students must earn 24 credits to receive a BHS diploma. All classes receive ½ credit per semester. Minimum: 6 credits per year x 4 years = 24 credits

8 Graduation Requirements 4.0 Credits English 9, 10, 11, 12 or Electives 2.0 credits Social Studies 1.0 credit US History (Junior year) 0.5 credit Government (Senior year) 0.5 credit Elective 2.0 credits Science 1.0 credit Biology or Biology Ac 3.0 credits Mathematics 1.0 credit Algebra or Geometry Ac 1.0 credit Geometry or Algebra 2 Ac 1.0 credit Algebra 2 or Pre-Calculus

9 Graduation Requirements 3.0 credits PE 0.5 credit Health 0.5 credit Consumer Education 1.0 credit Art, Music, World Language, Technical Education 8 credits Electives 24.0 Total Credits

10 Minimum College Admissions Requirements English – 4.0 credits Math – 3.0 credits (Alg 1, Geo, Alg 2) Science – 3.0 credits Social Studies – 3.0 credits Art/Music/Foreign Language – 2.0 credits Some schools will REQUIRE World Language Check with the college Admissions Office about specific requirements

11 Four Year Plan

12 Review credits to make sure that all required courses have been taken Assists with career planning Career in Teaching – plan for four years of college Plan for advanced elective courses Career in Business - (to take Marketing you need to first take Intro to Business 1 & 2)


14 Required Freshmen Classes English English 9, English 9 Accelerated Mathematics Algebra, Geometry Accelerated, Algebra 2 Accelerated Science Biology or Biology Accelerated Social Studies World Studies PE & Health

15 Course Placement Discuss core classes with parents, teachers, and counselors. Consider: current placement, grades, motivation, and standardized testing scores. **If you struggle in math or English – Please mark the appropriate box(es)

16 Schedule Options 6 Classes & Study Hall = 6.0 credits per year 7 Classes = 7.0 credits per year

17 English English Accelerated

18 Math Algebra Geometry Accelerated Algebra 2 Accelerated *Algebra in 8 th grade does NOT count Towards high school credit, however You will move forward in the math sequence *Students may ONLY sign up for Geometry Acc or Algebra 2 Acc IF you have passed the prerequisite

19 Science Biology Biology Accelerated

20 Physical Education All freshmen will have one semester of PE and one semester of Health automatically scheduled. PE waivers are available for the fall semester for Freshmen who are in marching band only **Waivers are due May 1 st **

21 Driver’s Education as a 10 th grader Must pass PE in 9 th grade to take Driver’s Ed Must pass a total of 8 courses during the previous two semesters to take Driver’s Ed Two parts to getting your license Classroom : Taken at BHS or Privately Behind the Wheel : Taken at BHS or Privately

22 Elective Courses Factors to consider Graduation requirements College Admissions requirements Pre-Requisites (Intro to Journalism req. for Newspaper) Career Interests Time management and motivation

23 Choose Alternative Electives The form gives you room to choose “extra” electives These will serve as alternates in case your first choices are full or do not fit into your schedule List all your choices in order of preference

24 World Language Spanish 1 Preferred to have C or better in 8 th grade English Spanish 2 Must have passed 8 th grade Spanish German 1 - Preferred to have a C or better in 8 th grade English Bilingual Education (ELL) – Bilingual teacher will make recommendations for next year Many students should be taking more than two years of world language ex: at UIUC 3 – 4 years of high school language meets college graduation requirements

25 Sample Course Selection Sheet

26 CEANCI Regional Programs Project Lead the Way Pre-Engineering (Hononegah) If students are interested in this program, pick up an application Students must arrange transportation Applications due by March 9 th

27 Rock Valley College Running Start Junior & Senior year program Students attend RVC for two years Earn a BHS diploma and an Associates Degree from Rock Valley College Application criteria includes: 3.0 GPA at the end of Freshman year! Students must take consumer education as a sophomore **Students must complete Algebra 2 by the end of sophomore year

28 Academic Interventions Current Interventions Include: Algebra Enrichment Course English Enrichment Course Learning Labs After school tutorials Weekly IPRs Academic interventions will be based upon student data and weekly reports and are subject to change.

29 B.H.S. Student Services Office Phone Numbers: (815)547-6345 (815)544-8669 FAX

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