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Virtual Assistant Services

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1 Virtual Assistant Services
Your Key to Profitable Growth

2 Overview What is a VA? What does a VA do?
How will I benefit from VA services? What are the Advantages? What do I look for in a VA?

3 What is Virtual Assistance?
A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an independent entrepreneur providing administrative, creative and/or technical services. Utilizing advanced technological modes of communication and data delivery, a professional VA assists clients in his/her area of expertise from his/her own office on a contractual basis.

4 The Virtual Assistance Industry
The “virtual assistant” concept began to emerge circa 1995, when isolated Internet sites began advertising Web-based staffing solutions.   While recent research indicates that the majority of VAs are now based in the US, practices are to be found in Canada, Australia and the UK. “Offshore” development of the industry is expected to grow rapidly in English-speaking countries in particular as Internet usage spreads.

5 Factors in the development of the VA Industry are:
the growth of the Internet, changing demographics, corporate downsizing, the evolution of telecommuting relationships, and the expansion of the field of virtual services generally. 

6 The VA Community The Virtual Assistant community has developed into a global workforce of highly skilled and trained office and technical professionals. The VA community is often praised for its camaraderie and free-flow of knowledge and experience. VA Associations have developed Professional Certifications for qualifying VAs. The process of certification measures the skills of the VA and their background training.

7 International Virtual Assistance
For the business that wants to grow internationally, VAs offer an "instant presence" in a foreign country. International VA Associations such as the IVAA link VAs and clients from all parts of the globe. Clients with foreign VAs benefit from: Time zone advantages Currency exchange advantages Foreign market knowledge “point of entry”

8 Services provided by Virtual Assistants Include:
Administrative Support Association Management Marketing Bookkeeping Web Site Design and maintenance Scheduling Data entry Multimedia Presentations Desktop publishing Real Estate support Database design Graphic design Research Transcription Legal secretarial Insurance Broker/Agent support Business Coaching Personal Assistance

9 Major Advantages of using a VA:
No payroll expenses No need of office space Flexible work hours Skilled professional service No geographical limitations Access to new technology Saves you time and money A partner in the success of your business

10 Who Benefits from VA Services?
Small businesses  Self-employed workers  Executives of any kind  Busy people  Clubs and associations  Sales executives  Chief executives  Presidents  MPs Real Estate Agents  Entrepreneurs  Consultants Market Agents  Home-based business  New start-up business  Internet business  International business Lawyers Doctors  ANYONE!

11 How Do I Find a VA: Access Online VA directories from VA associations such as the International Virtual Assistant’s Association at: Browse the various directories of Virtual Assistants categorized by certification, alphabetically and geographically, or Take advantage of the RFP program and have selected VAs contact you, or Research Virtual Assistants online.

12 What to Look for in a Virtual Assistant:
What Certifications, if any, does the VA have?  Can the VA provide client testimonials?  What are the billing rates & forms of payment? Does the VA specialize in relevant areas? Is the VA available for the hours you require? Is the VA equipped with the proper hardware/software?

13 How Do I Select a VA? Spend time on the VA's Web Site. Check for typos and bad grammar, or accomplishments, participation in the VA profession, and published articles.  Does the VA belong to a professional group, such as the International Virtual Assistants Association? Ask for client references and check them. Call the VA and conduct a phone interview.

14 Conclusion When you hire a VA, you open the door to a global resource of administrative and technical support. Virtual Assistants help YOU so that YOU can focus on your business. The Virtual Assistant A partner in your success!

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