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V ERSION 2015: What You Need to Know for Forecasting!

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1 V ERSION 2015: What You Need to Know for Forecasting!

2 Forecasting Course selections for next school year Will help you to: Complete your graduation requirements Help you explore electives Meet requirements for: OSAA Chancellor’s Diploma/Honors Program Prepare you for your: Post-High School plans

3 Make Sure You’re On Track! Graduation Requirements: (at least) 24 credits to graduate! Did you fail a class? Plan on summer school to get caught up before next year starts! State Testing: Must pass SBAC or have alternatives in Reading, Writing, Math Alternatives: work samples or scores from PSAT, ACT, SAT, AP, etc. OSAA Athletics or Activity Eligibility Must pass 5 classes from previous semester Must be enrolled in 5 credit-bearing classes at Glencoe Must have at least 4 credits at start of Sophomore year 2.0 GPA if any Fs

4 Make Sure You’re On Track! Just started a new semester – what can you improve? Attendance Organization – use a binder/folders and a planner! Do your HW every day – it is the best practice for you! Helps you identify areas you need extra help on Advocate for yourself - ask your teacher, meet with them before/after school, attend Learning Lab Use Student VUE! Get a study buddy in each class – able to contact them after school if you have questions Prepare for upcoming quizzes and tests You don’t get what you WISH FOR You get what you WORK FOR

5 Your Options Chancellor’s Diploma/Honors Program At least a 3.4+ GPA THROUGH senior year! Detailed information available in counseling center Core class options: Math level will be recommended by current teacher World Language – Recommended to have a C or higher in your current Language Arts class

6 Planning for After High School Be realistic with your goals Consider your GPA, career plans, work ethic What classes do you need to take for that plan? Meet with your counselor or Mrs. Seeborg “Look good on paper” Whether you’re getting a job, heading for the military or getting into college, make a good impression with attendance, class choices and grades!

7 Planning for After High School 2 or 4-Year College Recommendations Aim for a minimum of 3.0+ GPA (average of Bs!) Cs or better in all core classes 2 credits of the same world language Extra math and science beyond HS requirements

8 Sophomore Requirements Language Arts: 1.0 credit (full-year) Math: 1.0 credit (full-year) Science: 1.0 credit (full-year) Health 1 & 2: 1.0 credit PE:.5 credit (semester) No Social Studies requirement for sophomores Can take AP Human Geography (elective, full-year)

9 Sophomore Requirements Electives: Up to 3.5 credits (you will have 4.5 required credits) Full-year or semester Can include: Study Hall (no credit)/Honors Tutorial (no credit) AVID Be realistic – consider your overall load Multiple Honors/AP classes? Extracurricular activities and commitments

10 Reminders: Study Hall/Honors Tutorial Available to provide time for class work, homework, studying for test, math tutor, etc. Honors Tutorial: for students who have at least a 3.0 GPA and can use the time productively and independently Other students will have study hall Both earn no credit AVID Elective class for students who want more support in their current classes and their plans after high school Requires application (pick up in counseling center) Requires and interview

11 Clarification Spanish for Spanish Speakers Designed for students who speak Spanish in their home, but may struggle with Spanish reading and writing skills You will work on reading and writing skills with other heritage speakers You can take the STAMP (proficiency) test and earn additional Spanish credits Not appropriate for students who only speak Spanish at a beginning or early intermediate level

12 Forecasting Sheet Language Arts: 4. 0 credits total for graduation Science: 3.0 credits total for graduation Math: 3.0 credits total for graduation LANGUAGE ARTS: ___ Sophomore English (1.0) Math Recs: Done by current teacher!

13 Forecasting Sheet Health: 1.0 credit total for graduation PE: 1.0 credit total for graduation

14 Forecasting Sheet Electives: 5.0 credits total for graduation Fill out ALL elective options and ALL alternates in order of preference Try to add all your credits up to 8! You have 4.5 from required classes Choose wisely! It is likely you will get these! The classes you get you will not be able to change once the school year starts! AVID, Seminary, Study Hall (if needed) Japanese, American Sign Language, Auto Tech

15 Forecasting Sheet Remember: Parent Signature! Due: Tuesday, March 11 (If you have English on an A day) Wednesday, March 12 th (If you have English on a B day)

16 Reminders: Schedule Changes: A “WF” will be your grade for any courses you drop once the school year starts! Don’t overwhelm yourself – be realistic about what you take! Will not occur just because you changed your mind on what electives you want to take!

17 Ask Them Now!

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