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Enterprise Engineering Excellence (E3) Valueware Technologies India Pvt Ltd. Going Beyond Compliance.

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1 Enterprise Engineering Excellence (E3) Valueware Technologies India Pvt Ltd. Going Beyond Compliance

2 Your Business Statement Grand Vision Great Opportunity Thinking Big But Execution Challenges pulling you down?

3 ‘Almost There’. Not There. Program Performance Challenges? Frequent Regression? Delays and Cost Overruns? Quality and Project Management Certifications not helping?

4 Project Performance, Globally

5 Business Vs Metrics In Results you Trust. Are your projects showing you ‘metrics’ instead? Do these project metrics stack up with your business P&L?

6 Take a Quiz You have Great Teams; Strong Processes. Still, many Challenges in Delivery. Name the root cause: A. CafeteriaB. Housekeeping C. LogisticsD. All the above (Also called ‘not looking inward’. ‘Excessive Focus on compliance’)

7 Our Experience Valueware – Practitioners from industry. – Large enterprise solutions. – Product development as a speciality.

8 Our Solution (External) Reviews as the defect prevention mechanism. You get better insight, better control of project performance. Propose Project-specific mitigations. No theory; implementation-time engagement.

9 Why External? Detects challenges before they happen. – Wider & different perspective. – No subjectivity. Unbiased view. – No influence of operational pressures. – Proactive measure Proven solutions & best practices from the industry.

10 Solution Options Freelance Consultants Consulting Biggies  Vertical competencies  No Integrated view of the project  Very Expensive  Enterprise level Lifecycle strengths No theory, all experience Structured Methodology Project Friendly pricing Valueware

11 Services Portfolio Program Efficiency Improvement / E3 Solution Review Smart Engineering Independent V&V

12 Value Proposition Valueware – Will host reviews, Technical or Program Management. And will be – Responsible for identified KRAs. – Accountable

13 Our Deliverables  As-Is & Improvement Roadmap ◦ A professional report with metrics mapped out. ◦ Challenges, Recommendations, Best Practices.  Continuous support in the project ◦ To implement all identified recommendations.  Blueprint for Project Success.  Program Success

14 Value; no overhead Solution Approach – Improves delivery efficiency. – No additional processes to be run. – No additional documenting. Reduced Total Cost of Execution – Less rework; more investments; increased returns. Save time, efforts and money – Improved bottom-line of the project.

15 Benefits to our customers Competitive advantage, efficiency gains, Improved bottom-line. Improved productivity of teams. Customer success; not just delight. Competency stays inside the organization.

16 Concerns? NDA, Non-compete agreements. We supplement internal resources; creating stronger project teams. We do *not* substitute for internal teams.

17 Pricing Fixed price – Annual fee Agreed number of hours of engagement. Multiple projects. – Per Day Results Based Price – Engagement fee, plus – Actualization fee payable only if the benefits are realized.

18 Thank You Software project success can dramatically increase with small and timely corrections. Why not let us help you with these?    +91 98660 49944


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